Travel gives you unforgettable emotions and a lot of impressions, so it is very important to spend your trip in maximum comfort for yourself and your health. If you are a fan of camping for a long time, then you probably thought about a comfortable pastime. The whole point of camping is to relax. When you are sitting with your friends around a campfire, the camping chair should be as comfortable as possible.

You can identify the main reason why it is important to choose the most comfortable and practical chair for camping. The fact is that a good camping chair provides not only a comfortable pastime, but also helps you focus on more important things. For example, the beauty of the surrounding nature, a good conversation with friends, or a moment of calm. At such moments, you don’t want to think about a terribly uncomfortable chair.

There is a very wide variety of Camping Chairs, but if you are an avid camper, then you are best suited to a versatile camping chair that can be used in different pohols. For some people, external characteristics such as color and design play an important role, while for others, the main characteristics of a camping chair are important.

How do I tell a good camping chair from a bad one?

When choosing a chair for camping, its frame plays a great role. The weight of the chair itself depends on the thickness of the frame. Naturally, the frame of the chair should not bend when you sit on it. You can make a small check of the chair frame before buying. Try to bend the frame with your hand, if the frame can be affected, then you do not need to buy such a chair.

An important detail when choosing a camping chair is its legs. If the legs of the chair are sharp, they will fall into the ground. The most reliable legs with a semicircular base. These legs will not fall into the ground and will be able to provide maximum comfort from using the chair. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the legs of the chair should have rubberized knobs so that sand does not get inside the legs.

Camping chair with or without a back?

This is a very good question that occurs to every person who is going to buy a camping chair. The main function of such a chair with a back is to relax. For example, this chair is well suited for picnics in the country, and if you like fishing, then this chair is not very suitable, as you can relax, doze off and miss the prey.

Also, the back of the chair should be of the correct shape and height, so as not to harm the person, but to bring maximum comfort. If the back is very low and unnaturally curved, it is likely that it will be uncomfortable. The best back should have a slight tilt or be wide and straight. If the back is adjacent to it closely, the frame should repeat the shape of the body and be as strong as possible.

What are the weakest points of camping chairs?

The first weak point in camping chairs is the attachment points at the joints. Very often, hinges are made of plastic. Such fasteners are short-lived and are not adapted to heavy loads. It is better to choose a camping chair with metal fasteners at the joints, because this is the most reliable type of fastener.

The second weak point in camping chairs is the armrests. If the armrests are soft and not an extension of the frame, they will either break or come off within a few seasons, so at the purchase stage, you need to decide which camping chair you need and how long you want the chair to last.

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