There are a number of benefits to using cell phone spy software. You can for instance spare yourself the humiliation of being cheated on by your spouse by spotting all the signs that your relationship is in trouble.

Then again, parents can protect their children from online predators. In fact, in the 21st century, it is one of the harshest realities about parenting – having your children exposed to predators who try to coerce them into an abusive situation.

All about spy phone app

It sounds like the ideal answer to have a spy phone, gleaning valuable information about a person’s activities.  But did you know that it is actually illegal to install spy software on someone’s phone. You can’t just be having it tracking and forwarding information to you without their permission.

You can’t just install spy software on a person’s cellphone without doing it within the bounds of the law.

Do you still need a Private Investigator?

We’re living in a high-tech society and our cell phones already come with all sorts of things such as GPS trackers, cameras and video recording options. You can be recording events as they happen.

Spy phone software is saving people from having to hire a private investigator when they want to catch a cheating spouse. But while many people do just that, it can be a criminal offense. People who use spy software for illegal purposes can’t use the information and evidence for legal action or lawsuit.

Evidence that you have of an affair your spouse is having and that you have obtained illegally from your spouse’s phone can actually mean charges against you if you present them in court.

It seems all wrong that someone cheating on you can be the result of you being the one facing action against you. Think carefully before you decide to spy on your spouse’s phone. You can’t record conversations between your spouse and their lover without knowledge of at least one of the parties.

It is awfully tempting to get the truth about what your spouse is doing in your absence, but recording activities is a violation of state and federal wire-tapping laws.

When you want to spy on someone, you have to know that spying is actually illegal. On the other hand, Spyfone is legal and comes with a host of unique features such as being able to read text messages, record calls and listen in on phone calls. With GPS you can also know the exact location of the user of the target phone.

A World-class monitoring service

Spyfone isn’t certainly just for cheating spouses – it monitors everything, and there are any number of situations where it can be useful.

Installation is easy and straightforward, requiring that you have physical access to the phone where you’ll be installing the app.

Spyfone offers a world-class monitoring service, thought to be the best tracking software for Android software and advanced enough to handle complex requests.

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