Whether it’s your first wedding as a bride or you’re fifth as a groom, choosing a wedding bouquet comes with questions and concerns.

When the groom, his family, and the florist on location have already made most of the wedding plans, leaving you to finish the rest, which direction do you go? These are some of the questions that can help you choose the best wedding bouquet when planning a wedding.

Read on to learn about the latest wedding bouquet trends.

Ombre-Colour Blocking

Sunflowers for Weddings

This trend involves creating a bouquet base with fresh foliage. Then adding color-blocking elements with a variety of flowers. One floral designer states that color blocking β€œinvolves working with the colors in the spectrum from light to dark, starting with lighter colors at the edge of the bouquet.”

Bouquets are then finished with a darker focal or darker blooming flower in the center. This style of bouquet is perfect for weddings. Bringing a fun and modern edge to the traditional wedding bouquet.

Flower Crowns

These flower arrangements are becoming a popular alternative to a traditional bridal bouquet. Flower crowns are wreaths of flowers worn as headpieces and add a unique, romantic touch to any wedding.

They can be custom-made to match whatever color theme the bride chooses. The lightweight feel of a flower crown makes it a comfortable choice for the bride. The use of plants that are in season ensures beautiful and fresh blooms.

Adding Fruit & Veg Into the Mix

wedding flowers

Adding chopped fruits and vegetables adds new texture and color to the mix. Think pomegranates, oranges, apples, radishes, and even kale providing green leaves and delicate pops of color for a cheerful, modern, and sustainable twist on traditional bouquets and centerpieces. Adding fruit and vegetables to the mix is a trend with staying power.

Natural-World Backdrops

A beautiful bouquet and greenery are the perfect way to add a layer of meaning, color, and eye-catching flair to your special day. With contemporary circular arrangements, cascading tumbles of trimmings, and wintry succulent mixes.

There are endless ways to bring nature’s beauty to your wedding and make flowers last longer. Combining natural greens, eucalyptus, roses, lilies, and peonies creates a classic and timeless flower arrangement that perfectly accentuates the overall look of your special day.

Grounded Installations


This trend features an installation-style design with wedding flowers and other greenery attached to a base on the ground. This allows the installer to create a unique and whimsical design. Hanging lights or other items give accents to the base.

Tailoring arrangements to fit any wedding theme or style, whether the size of the gathering. The oversized presentation makes a bold statement and creates a dramatic effect.

Make a Statement With a Wedding Bouquet

The latest trend in wedding bouquets is about making a statement and being unique and individualized. A couple’s vision comes to life through selecting flowers and color combinations. Having a custom-designed bouquet makes the day extra special, so get creative and make your wedding vision come to life!

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