Over recent months many parts of the US have seen some changes in their gambling laws and Florida is no exception. Gambling legislation is often seen as complex because every state has its own rules, and even within these rules, it is sometimes the case that certain types of bets are allowed whilst others are forbidden. For example, many states do not allow sports betting to take place.

Betting In Florida

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The discussion surrounding betting in Florida is a long ongoing one and there doesn’t seem to be a precise end in sight. A few months ago Judge Dabney L. Friedrich made things even more complicated when she wrote about how she felt the current gaming compact violated the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) – and therefore many felt it put an end to legalized sports betting in Florida. She said: “Altogether, over a dozen provisions in IGRA regulate gaming on ‘Indian lands,’ and none regulate gaming in another location,” she wrote. “It is equally clear that the (Interior Department) secretary must reject compacts that violate IGRA’s terms.” However, there are still many options open to the state of Florida including a potential federal court appeal. In the future there could even be room for citizens voting initiative, allowing the people of Florida to vote on whether they should open up sports betting (for example).

Recently there was a voter’s initiative put into place however it failed to get enough signatures to be able to move to the next stage, somewhat of a setback for those that wanted online sports betting to be completely legalized throughout Florida. The ongoing debate is lengthy and complicated, even if a Florida lawmaker was to stake steps to launch a bill to legalize sports betting there are likely to be large groups that would challenge this currently. It’s a debate that needs to continue, in order to make sure that compromises can be made to try and keep both sides happy. Gov. Ron DeSantis, who negotiated the original agreement with the Seminole tribe, said: “They wanted to do the sports (betting), and so we said ‘fine.’ And the reason why I’d said that is that it would probably pass on a referendum anyway. And then if a company gets it, the tribe gets it anyways. So, we felt that that made sense.”

Thanks to the 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Native Americas are able to host casinos on their reservations, provided that they meet the rules put out by the state. One of the best things about land-based casinos in Florida is that they’re keen to keep their patrons happy, which means you’ll often find a new range of games to enjoy. If you’re visiting in 2022 then you might find that some Covid restrictions are still in place, such as social distancing. However, this generally means fewer crowds in the busier casinos which for most people can only be a good thing.

Casinos in Florida are reasonably forward-thinking and you’ll even find a handful of physical casinos that you can visit that will allow you to spend Bitcoin while there! With such technology in place and such forward-thinking ways, it stands to reason that many people in the gambling industry would like the world of betting to be more open in Florida and other states throughout the US.

Placing A Bet Online In Florida

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There are still mixed opinions about online betting in Florida and the law isn’t as black and white as it could be. Rules around hosting an online casino in Florida are ever-changing, but as a patron, you won’t get into trouble visiting any of these. However, if you do want to bet online while in Florida it is a good idea to make sure you use a legitimate and licensed casino. For example, let’s say a consumer wanted to use MGM-Bet Casino and they had been granted a license – to ensure they are aware of the processes and reputability of the operator, they should check out reviews of MGM-Bet Casino. This helps to make sure you are spending your money at a casino that operates fairly and within the letter of the law –so that you feel happy with your decision to gamble there.

What Changes Might Be Seen To Betting Legislation In Florida In The Future?

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Although it can be hard to predict what the rules will be in terms of gambling in Florida in the future, what we do know is that laws are changing quickly. We are likely to see some changes to the laws surrounding betting and online betting throughout Florida in the next few years, however, there is nothing set in stone as to what those will be.

Sports betting is definitely something that will continue to be debated throughout Florida, the US, and Canada. Currently, the UK and most parts of Europe have a pretty open policy when it comes to the type of sports bets that can be placed, but we’re quite away from the US following suit.

As we have seen throughout the UK and much of Europe, it is perfectly possible to have a thriving casino industry with a strict set of rules behind them. Not only that but the UK Gambling Commission are always overseeing and changing the rules to make sure that they keep up with current gambling trends. In the UK they’re currently looking at advertising and the way gambling platforms and venues are able to be promoted throughout the UK. This is likely to bring with it some industry changes, but that’s nothing that the industry isn’t used to.

In the future, we are likely to see some changes to betting with Florida surrounding who can place bets, what sort of bets can be placed, and even who can open up betting venues. However, this should be seen as a positive opportunity rather than something negative, because the opening up of betting throughout Florida could open up a whole host of other opportunities too!

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