Brand building is an essential part of any business because it communicates and reflects who you are and what you do. You can use your letterheads to boost branding, or your emails and social media posts. When you’ve addressed all these areas, however, it’s not the end of the story.

Without good packaging, you’ll never get the recognition needed for your brand to grow. Whether you doubt this is true or are wanting to learn more, this article will explain why product packaging is so crucial for getting your brand known.

What Are Branding And Packaging?

What Are Branding And Packaging


Branding is what your business stands for, what you provide, and what makes you different from the rest. It can be what allows people to recognize your company and what helps set you apart from everyone else in your industry. It’s what people think of when they hear or see your name. Your branding can be a logo, color scheme, design style, or something similar.


Packaging is what contains your product and it’s a common marketing tool used by companies to help establish their brand. It’s what your client is going to see and hold before they buy. It’s what they’ll discover on the store shelves and it’s what will be left behind if your product is not marketed correctly. Packaging can include bags, packaging boxes, bottles, and more.

Importance Of Good Packaging

It Can Be Versatile And Varied

There is a great deal of flexibility here, and it can be adapted to suit your products and their uses. You may need a bag that is re-sealable, for instance when selling ground coffee. A screwdriver will just need disposable packaging whilst mouthwash would need a sealed container for frequent use.

There are many helpful websites that can fill you in on the different types of packaging available today. If you research a banding company you can learn about costs and sustainability, tying and shrinkwrapping. Whether it’s paper banding, banding machines, stretch film banding, or rubber banding and strapping – there will be specialist websites that can help you.

It Can Protect Your Products

A lot of things can happen to your products during storage or transit, and this is why they need the protection of good packaging materials. Consider the customer experience in terms of receiving damaged goods, having to return them, or needing to ask for a refund or replacement. It may cost you the sale, and turn away someone who could have been a repeat customer.

An essential part of your branding needs to be quality, and this is the first way you can either pass or fail the test with your customers. If the packaging is inadequate or faulty, they will assume similar things about the quality of your products.

It Can Be Used For Display And Promotion

It Can Be Used For Display And Promotion

Good packaging is an important part of marketing; it should attract buyers and gain their attention. You’ll want your brand to be instantly recognizable on the shelf, and to stand out from among the nearby rivals. You never get a second chance to create a first impression, and those first few seconds will be the crucial moments where the product is either bought or rejected.

A product description should be easy to view, even if it’s just a few short words. This way people won’t have to spend time reading lots of small print, which could put them off.

It Creates Brand Recognition

It’s important to create a unique style or message so your customers have an idea of what they are buying before they even see it. Make sure that your branding plan bleeds through everything – your website design & images, uniformity across social media platforms and emails, and of course your good packaging.

The colors, font, design, and style should be consistent across all the different platforms and products. If the box looks different from the website people will think it’s the wrong thing.

It Contains Important Information

If you want people to respect your brand, make sure you send a clear signal and answer all their questions. It’s also good to include clear images on the product that show what people are buying.

You can also provide your website details on the packaging if you want to drive traffic towards your products. If you use freebies and discounts to lure them this will be more effective. Your products can include a leaflet that explains the benefits of subscribing to your newsletters. In turn, you can use their email addresses for your future marketing campaigns. If you have other related products you can use the packaging to advertise these as well – this will be more likely to generate multiple purchases in one go.

You Can Demonstrate Your Brand Values

You Can Demonstrate Your Brand Values

These days people want to do business with companies that have a social conscience and that make it part of their mission statement. The best way to show this is by recycling.

It has become an important part of our lives and it shows how much you care for nature and the environment. It’s a great way to say to tell people, “We’re going green! Our products use recycled materials or they can be recycled when you’ve finished with them.”

It Creates A Customer Experience

If you delight your customer you will earn their business and their trust. Wow them as they view your good packaging and product description, and impress them as they open it and use it. If the products are easily stackable on the shop shelves they will look better and be less likely to fall off and become damaged. People will love it if they can reuse the packaging even once it’s been opened. You could also include a discount voucher or free sample of something else that you sell, to inspire further custom.

As you can see, your packaging is more than just something you keep a product in. It can be a powerful tool to draw your customers and secure their ongoing business. To cut pack on your packaging is a false economy because it can actually be an investment into your company’s future success.

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