Metabolism is the series of chemical processes in a human being resulting in the breakdown of all food substances to release energy. The energy produced from these reactions is useful in helping body cells perform body functions.

It means, therefore, that the rate at which metabolism takes place is very crucial in determining how much food is processed, how much energy results from food processing, and lastly, the fat produced as a result of incomplete metabolism. A high rate of metabolism is essential in helping the body breakdown all ingested food to reduce the storage of fats.

Retaining food in the body can lead to the storage of fats, which has adverse health problems. To avoid this, many people have resulted in different ways, such as exercises to hike metabolism. Apart from hitting the gym, there are many other ways to raise the rate of metabolism in the body, and one of them is drinking tea ordered from online tea and coffee shop.

Many people have doubts about whether something as simple as drinking tea can boost metabolism. However, through research, this has been proven. Some teas are more effective than others when raising the metabolism rate. Below are the most researched on teas, by Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company that can cause high metabolism.

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Orange Decaffeinated Black Tea

It is a loose-leaf tea from china. Carbon dioxide is the main ingredient that is used for decaffeination. It is then scented with sweet orange peel from Spain to bring out the Zing, tasty Black tea. It is brewed with boiling water for about 5 minutes. It is caffeine-free and contains natural flavoring. It helps in digestion, keeping your body hydrated, refreshing your body, and brings a feeling of relaxation.

Earl Grey Decaffeinated Tea

Earl grey decaffeinated tea is among the best healthy teas. It undergoes decaffeination using carbon dioxide, which is known to be the safest. It is safe because it ensures that 98% of the caffeine is extracted from the leaves. It is best for night time drinking, especially when preparing to sleep.

Decaffeinated Black Tea Bags

It uses the carbon dioxide method, known to be the safest decaffeination method, to extract caffeine. This process leaves the flavoring components intact, with 98% of the caffeine removed. The black tea originates from Kenya. It is then packed into tea bags that are easy to use. It is considered safe to use for those trying to cut down weight and also those who are caffeine sensitive. It can be brewed using boiled water. One can add milk, sugar, lemon, or honey to taste according to preference.

Decaffeinated Green Tea

The green tea has a great taste with little caffeine since it has undergone the carbon dioxide decaffeination process. It helps reduce cholesterol levels, weight loss, and body detox. It can be taken at any time of the day. Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company ensures that it still maintains its grassy flavor, even though it has undergone the decaffeination process. Unlike other green tea products that lose the flavor after decaffeination. You can easily order Decaf tea online from your nearest online tea and coffee shop.

Strawberry Sencha Decaffeinated Green Tea

It is a Chinese soft decaffeinated green tea. It is scented with the taste of strawberries to give a great feeling. It gives it a light green color with a beautiful floral scent and fruity taste. It is recommended to be brewed using water at 80 degrees celsius and infused for five minutes. Like the decaffeinated green tea, it also helps minimize cholesterol levels, improves the heart immune system, and brings about a relaxing feeling. It can be taken at any time of the day.

Assam Decaffeinated Loose Tea

It originates from Assam in Northeastern India. The unique mix has undergone a carbon dioxide decaffeination process. The type of leaf used is the tippy golden flowery. It produces a robust, dark, and malty taste. Similar to the others, it is brewed with fresh boiling water for about five minutes. It brings relaxation and a refreshing feeling and best when taken after a long day of work.

Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea

Most people assume that decaffeinated tea is tasteless and weak. The English breakfast tea is delicious with a malty taste. It is made from Assam tea leaves, which have undergone the safest decaffeinated process using carbon dioxide. It contains antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the blood. These leave your blood healthy and protect your body from infection by boosting your immune system. It can be taken at any time of the day. It is recommended for pregnant women who are required to maintain a low caffeine level since it con

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