The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Since its initial release in 2007, the iPhone has become one of the most popular and sought-after devices in the tech industry. With its sleek design, innovative features, and user-friendly interface, the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone market and continues to set the standard for smartphones around the world.

The iPhone has undergone numerous changes and upgrades over the years, with each new model introducing new features and improvements. From the introduction of the App Store in 2008, which allowed users to download and install third-party applications, to the addition of Siri in 2011, the iPhone has continually evolved to meet the changing needs and demands of its users.

The iPhone in Singapore has become a ubiquitous device in our daily lives, and yet, even the most avid iPhone users may not be aware of some of its hidden features. Here are some of the most useful and fascinating iPhone features that you may not even know exist.

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Unveiling the Secrets: Little-Known iPhone Features

  • Shake to Undo

The Shake to Undo feature is particularly useful when typing an important message or document. It allows you to undo your previous action by simply shaking your iPhone. This feature is especially helpful if you accidentally delete a large amount of text or make a mistake while typing. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Shake to Undo and turn the switch on to enable Shake to Undo.

  • Custom Vibration Patterns

It’s not just ringtones that can be customized on your iPhone; you can also create your own vibration patterns for specific contacts. Navigate to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration to accomplish this. You can then tap out a custom pattern on the screen, save it, and assign it to a specific contact. This is a great way to know who’s calling you without having to look at your phone.

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  • Medical ID

The Medical ID feature is a potentially life-saving feature that allows you to input your medical information into your iPhone. This information can be accessed from the lock screen, which means that first responders can quickly access your medical information in case of an emergency. To set up your Medical ID, go to the health app on your iPhone, tap on the Medical ID tab, and enter your relevant medical information.

  • Magnifier

The magnifier is located within the Accessibility settings of the iPhone and can be accessed by triple-clicking the home button. Once activated, the iPhone’s camera is used to capture an image of whatever is being viewed, which can then be zoomed in on and manipulated in various ways. The magnifier also includes filters and other tools that can enhance the image and make it easier to see and read.

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  • Hidden Trackpad

This feature allows users to control the cursor when typing, making it easier to edit text. To activate this feature, press and hold the space bar on the iPhone keyboard. The space bar will become a touchpad, allowing users to move the cursor to any position on the screen. It is an incredibly useful feature that saves time and effort when editing text.

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