Next time you go to the shooting range you want to make sure you know how to hold and aim your gun to have fun and be safe. Learning proper pistol grip technique is essential and we have your back with this article!

Keep reading to learn about how to hold pistol and proper gun grip answer from here the essential tips for first-time gun buyer.

How to Find The Proper Pistol Grip?

The proper gun grip is a two-handed grip because in this case both hands are involved and each hand has a function in the grip. This gives you more stability while you are holding the gun. Anytime you are holding a gun you want a firm and solid grip to have maximum control.

Place one hand on the proper pistol grip as tight as possible towards the top of the grip and use the other hand to help you support and hold your gun out as straight as possible.

Think about how straight your barrel is aligned with your gun and your arm for self defense.

How to Hold Pistol Grip?

The straighter it is aligned the better your arm and hand become a shock absorber. A good way to check if you have straight alignment and proper gun grip.

It is to look down over your arm and make sure there is a straight line from the butt of your gun to your elbow without any break in your wrist.

Making sure you are as straight as possible will ensure that you will have better control over muzzle jump.

Proper Shooting Position

Learning how to stand is also as important as how to grip the pistol. Have your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Make sure that you do not lock out your knees or flex your leg muscles using proper pistol grip.

Draw the gun from your holster with your dominant hand and then grip the pistol appropriately. Learning the best shooting stances will help you be safe while you are shooting and will also keep you from hurting yourself.

A Few Safety Tips

We want to make sure you understand the importance of being safe. A gun can be a dangerous item when it is not handled correctly. You want to always assume that your gun is loaded even when there is no magazine in the gun at like it is loaded.

When you are setting your gun down but don’t know how to hold pistol than make sure to always point it downrange and away from people (this means away from yourself as well). Make sure that you keep firearms away from kids at all times to avoid any tragic incidents to get proper pistol grip.

Ready to Handle Your Gun Safely?

Now that you learned about how to hold pistol and using the proper pistol grip and about standing correctly while you are shooting you can go have some fun at the shooting range.

As you can see learning a proper gun grip is essential because it will affect your aim, your balance, and your ability to pull the trigger in a safe manner.

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