Thanks to wireless connectivity, it’s finally safe to walk while working. Managers can work on the go while interacting with coworkers around the globe. Hikers can surf the web and check their bank accounts while wandering through the wilderness.

And all of this is just the beginning. As we embrace 5G, the Internet of Things and other technologies, the future of wireless connectivity is looking more and more exciting.

Here’s a quick look into the future of wireless, where we’re headed, and why it’s going to make working and living more convenient than ever.

The Future is 5G and WiFi 6

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5G continues to roll out daily across the US. Rural areas, that rely on satellite or dial-up connections, can now enjoy the same faster speeds and bandwidth large cities have.

Current and future benefits of faster wireless connections include:

  • More people can work from home
  • Better communication and information sharing between emergency services
  • Safer factories with remote driving of large vehicles
  • Autonomous cars can travel as safely in the countryside as in the city

The latest and fastest version of WiFi technology is WiFi 6. It is 40% faster than the previous iteration and can handle more throughput. This results in a more efficient signal that encodes and transfers increased amounts of data to your device.

WiFi 6 is perfect for busy areas like shopping malls and offices.

Wireless Connectivity in More Locations

The future of WiFi technology means we can be connected in more places while on the go. School buses with a wireless connection are the perfect example.


Children can do their homework and continue to learn on their way to and from school, giving them more time to relax at home. This boosts their mental health and helps them to be better students. Click here to learn more about bus connectivity.

Better Mobile Experiences

One advantage of smartphones and internet connectivity is you can carry everything from concert tickets to money to your contact list in one place.

At a concert, a fast and secure connection allows you to scan the ticket on your phone at the turnstile, and in real-time, the gate opens to let you through. Once inside, you can find your seat with the online venue map. When you get thirsty, connected point-of-sale systems at the concessions stands let you pay for your drink safely, using your phone.

smartphones and internet

5G’s performance removes the lag and buffering that once occurred while talking to friends and family via video chat. Imagine seeing them as 3D holograms, or watching your favourite artists perform on stage, while they are in separate locations.

These are possible with 5G and the future of internet connectivity.

The Future is Now

Wireless connectivity revolutionised the way we work and where we do it. With the power of 5G and WiFi 6, it will continue to do so. Our access to data and applications will be faster and more secure, and more people than ever before will connect with each other to socialise and learn.

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