This week the U.S Senate will vote on the DREAM Act, which would create a path for 160,000 young undocumented immigrants who call Florida home to eventually become permanent U.S. residents.

The Florida Independent reported today on how business groups and research hubs view the potential economic impact of the DREAM Act. We also contacted the Florida Chamber of Commerce to get that organization’s position on the DREAM Act. Edie Ousley, the Chamber’s director of public affairs, sent us the following written response when asked if the Chamber supports DREAM legislation:

There are many ways to accomplish a brighter economic future for Florida’s business community while meeting high-skill, high-wage job demands. A number of plans have been put forward at the state and federal level — plans that would lower taxes and expand international trade, among others. The Florida Chamber encourages our leaders in Washington to take a broad-based approach improve job growth and economic development.

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