Studies have shown that about 60 percent of Americans are sports fans. They watch sports on TV, attend sporting events, and spend their hard-earned money on sports gear to show their support for their favorite teams.

One of the most popular forms of sports gear is, of course, the sports jersey. If you watch just about any team play on TV, you’ll see thousands of people in the stands wearing the same jerseys that professional athletes wear.

Do you enjoy wearing sports jerseys?

If so, you should make sure you know how to wear a jersey before you start doing it on a regular basis. It’ll help you stand out in the crowd and look fashionable even when you’re wearing a jersey.

Take a look at some tips that’ll help you look your best when you’ve got a jersey on.

Make Sure Your Sports Jerseys Are Authentic

Counterfeit jerseys have, unfortunately, become a huge problem in the sports world. Some reports indicate that there are more than 800,000 counterfeit jerseys sold online every year.

In some instances, it’s very hard to tell the difference between an authentic jersey and a counterfeit one. But the biggest difference between the two is the quality that goes into each jersey.

Authentic jerseys are designed to last for a long time. The logos, names, and numbers on them will stay in place, no matter what you put them through.

Counterfeit jerseys, on the other hand, are poorly made in most cases.

So while they might look similar to authentic ones, you’ll notice that logos, names, and numbers will randomly fall off of them and reveal that you’re wearing a fake product.

View here to see some of the authentic jerseys you should consider adding to your collection now. Make sure they’re the only kinds of jerseys you add to your wardrobe.

Buy Your Jerseys in the Right Size

Many sports fans have gotten into the habit of purchasing jerseys that are entirely too big for them. They often do it because they want to be able to fit T-shirts and even hoodies underneath of them when it gets cold out.

There’s nothing wrong with leaving a little bit of extra room for a T-shirt under your jersey. But you should steer clear of buying a jersey that’s too large for your individual frame.

An oversized jersey will make you look a lot larger than you really are. It’ll swallow up your body and throw your proportions all off.

This is the absolute last thing that you want if you’re trying to look good in a jersey. You’re going to have a tough time showing off your amazing sense of style when you have a gigantic jersey draped across your body.

Avoid Tucking Your Jerseys Into Your Pants

When you put on a jersey, you might be tempted to tuck it into your pants to make it feel a little bit more comfortable. Do not do this under any circumstances!

Tucking a jersey into your pants will make it look very bunchy at the bottom. There’s also a decent chance that the number on the back of your jersey will end up tucked into your pants with the rest of your jersey.

Both of these things will be a very bad look. Whatever comfort you achieve by tucking a jersey in will be offset by your messy appearance.

Try to Wear Jeans With Your Jerseys

There are a few different types of pants that you can wear with jerseys. Sweatpants and khakis, for example, are both acceptable.

But to stay on the safe side, you should just about always opt to wear jeans along with your jersey. Regular blue jeans won’t clash with the colors contained in a jersey, which is an issue you might run into with other pairs of pants.

Pay Attention to What You Put on Your Feet

You have your well-fitting jersey on. You’ve complemented it with a nice pair of jeans. And you’re almost ready to walk out the door so that you can show your jersey off to the world.

But wait. Before you leave, you need to put on a pair of shoes. And you shouldn’t put just anything on to your feet.

You want to make sure you don’t wear sneakers that have colors that will clash with your jersey. You also want to make sure your shoes aren’t too formal for a jersey.

Additionally, you want to avoid putting on the sneakers you wear to cut the grass when you’re wearing a jersey. You want people to focus on your jersey and not how awful your sneakers look.

It’s usually best to go with some simple white sneakers that will work well with any color jersey.

Wash Your Jerseys When You’re Done Wearing Them

There are some sports fans who refuse to wash their sports jerseys after a big win by their team (it could be bad luck, right?!). There are others who don’t want to wash their sports jerseys and ruin them in the laundry.

These people end up walking around with dirty jerseys on that drag down their look. Don’t be one of these people.

Caring for a sports jersey can be slightly more complicated than caring for other types of clothing. But it’s possible to do it if you know what you’re doing.

You can keep your jerseys clean and make them last longer by washing them when you’re finished wearing them.

Learn How to Wear a Jersey Before the Next Big Game

Do you want to amaze your fellow sports fans the next time you wear a jersey to a big game?

Use the tips you see here about how to wear a jersey to your advantage. By buying the right size jersey and pairing it with the right pants and shoes, you can improve your look dramatically.

You might even end up on TV when TV producers see how great you look cheering for your favorite team in the crowd.

Check out our blog to see some of the tailgating tips you should keep in mind when attending a sporting event. They’ll help you have a great time when you’re wearing your jersey.

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