It’s obvious that as Americans, we love to eat. In fact, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for many of us to say that eating and good times go hand and hand. Of course, the food we eat didn’t come out of nowhere; there are a series of steps involved that takes the various plants and meats we love from the outdoors to our plate, and these steps are always evolving.

Most people don’t know much about the history of food processing, but the fact is that it’s an important part of our culture that needs to be appreciated and understood. That’s why this article goes in-depth with how food processing works within the industry and how it’s evolved to become what it is today. Keep reading to find out more!

The History of Food Processing Begins With the Sun and Some Salt

Before there were refrigerators and preservatives, food processing had some very humble beginnings. Our ancient ancestors had a special way of making things work, and some regions still use these methods to this day.

The first successful attempt at processing food involved a combination of the sun and some salt. This combination would help dry out the liquids in the food and help it to resist degradation. This would continue to be the way things were done for thousands of years.

The Concept of Canning is Invented

What’s worth only 40 cents now was once a processing revolution in the past. Drying out and salting food is helpful, but there are instances where you need to keep the food moist while still preserving it. The result was the invention of canning, a powerful technique that allowed people to easily move and store both dried and wet goods for an extended period of time. This technique caught on thousands of years ago and is still used today.

The Incorporation of Computers in the Modern Age

Contrary to popular belief, computers are for much more than just playing games. The advancements in computer technology have allowed for so much to be accomplished in the food processing industry that the world would slow to a crawl without them.

Computer software is used in modern farming vehicles to help cover more ground in less time, and they’re also used to keep a check on the temperature of the meat or produce as it’s being shipped from one facility to the next. In fact, you can find software in all stages of food processing, from inventory to ordering and even delivery.

Inecta software can provide food industry facilities the accuracy and power they need to succeed in the business – and help you get the foods you need into your home.

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