It is the world of the internet today. The Internet has been fuelling up many fields, and most of them are growing really fast. While marketing is age-old thing, traditional or conventional marketing was to spread the word, use offline posters or just a few things like this. There was less scope but more competition in conventional marketing. But to speed up the growth of the field of marketing, the concept of digital marketing has evolved. While digital marketing is at its framework 4.0 in the current situation, it is very important to learn about digital marketing and its tool.

Do you know the actual concept of digital marketing?

By the time, the question must have arrived, what actually is Digital marketing? Digital marketing, as the word explains, is nothing but the use of internet and IT tools to market yourself into the labyrinth of the global population, which brings out customers and revenue for your business more quickly than conventional or traditional marketing. Digital marketing is the use of digital tools to reach to the people who are present on the internet and show them your service, product so that they become your customer and bring you revenue.

There has been a lot of heat in this era on entrepreneurship. There are many educated and uneducated folks out there who have desired to be an entrepreneur, and they start as well. But the point which drags them to their back seat and many start-ups do not survive for long, is the lack of intelligence to market themselves to the world. This is why awareness about digital marketing is becoming more crucial.

How can you get the leap in your business with digital marketing?

So, the next thought that comes in mind is what’s there in the pocket of digital marketing that can turn up the coin for you? It is the tools of digital marketing that can help you get the leap. Digital marketing is a combination of tools such as website development, content development, SEO, keyword research, marketing research, social media marketing, etc.

These tools can be majorly divided in 2 ways – one type can be the tools that help you bring the customer who is looking for something already and about to land upon your website. Another type can be generating the desire for a normal user who is not necessary for the mood of shopping, the desire to shop your product or service.

Of course, a good website is liked by everyone. So, in the world out there, there are millions of small and giant businessmen, everyone has their website. So, you need something that can shorten this loop. The first step is to have a proper user-friendly website that is attractive as well as appealing to the customer. Your product or services should be portrayed in connection to the user-friendliness and need of the customer as well as your values.

One of the most important tools of digital marketing is SEO, i.e. search engine optimization. It is the optimization of search engine and your web content to bring your website or content up in the results on a google search (popular search engine). Search engine optimization is ensuring the user of famous and more used keywords and long tail keywords that can help you be at the top of search results.

How keywords play an important role?

Keyword research plays an important role in this. Before you put up your food on the table, you must ensure what the guest wants to eat. So, before you put content on a webpage, make sure they contain the keywords that perform better in the search box. In SEO, content is written in a way that it can maximize the usage of keywords and long tail keywords.

There are millions of people out there using the internet, but the key is finding out what they would type if they want something. It is not just about pulling the customer to your website; it is also about learning to know your customers and market. This Intel is the key to excel in digital marketing. The more maximum no. of people enter a keyword, more it becomes important. So, your task is to find the best performing keywords that are related to your business, your product, your values, and your services.

To do this, there are tools available to know the statistics and performance of any keyword, such as keyword explorer. You must segregate the best performing keywords as per your business and inculcate them in your content on webpage, blog and other media. So, next time when users would search with that keyword, your name would automatically come up.

From a bird’s view, it looks like the short keywords or single words like “jeans” work better, but the truth is that long tail keywords are more trustworthy many times. Think of it as, who is more interested and in the mood to make a jeans purchase – one who searches “jeans” or one who searches “Wrangler jeans 32 waist size”. The one who is putting the effort to type long tail keyword is psychologically in the mood to actually buy that product, that’s why he is specifying the needs in the search. So, it is important to make proper research on normal keywords as well as long tail keywords, which will give you an extra leap.

What is the focus of digital marketing?

The main learning in digital marketing is the core fact that the main target is not to bring customers or users to your website or store, but it is to bring the right type of customers that have more potential, need and money in their wallet to have purchased.

Digital marketing is a tool that can be learned from Google. But, a new way of learning has come up, i.e. digital marketing podcasts, which you can listen in your favorite time to learn more so that you can practice more.

With the launch of framework 4.0, digital marketing is not only focusing on the keywords and website development, but various strategies to convert the potential customer into a customer. This is possible by getting knowledge of new words like Omnichannel marketing, account-based marketing, etc. the future of digital marketing is nothing more, but digital marketing. It is a field which will grow with information technology, artificial intelligence, cognitive intelligence, and market education.

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