Insomnia is the worst! We all know how it feels to get a restless night of sleep….. Or not being able to sleep at all.

Low-quality sleep severely impacts our waking lives. We’re talking about productivity, happiness, and stress levels. Making sure you have an ultra-comfy place to sleep that takes care of all your needs can completely change the way you experience slumber!

Here is a complete guide to different types of mattresses, and only the best! To make sure you never have to deal with insomnia, restlessness, or waking-pain again.

Memory Foam Mattress

The Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress that has recently gained intense popularity and is one of the most purchased types of mattresses today.

What exactly is memory foam made of?

Memory foam is made of a material called viscoelastic. This material absorbs movement, heat, and distributes body weight evenly, giving it that famous body-conforming feeling.

Memory foam was actually first designed by NASA in the mid-1960s for a prototype of airplane seats.

Kathy R. Gromer, MD, a sleep specialist from the Minnesota Sleep Institute confirms that memory foam relieves painful pressure points for those who have back and joint pain. She also states that the foam absorbs body heat, leaving for a cooler feeling (no more waking up sweaty in the night!).

Memory foam also absorbs movement due to the lack of springs. Therefore it is a great type of mattress for those sleeping with a partner in bed because you will feel their movements less.

Inner Spring Mattress

The good old classic! Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest kinds of mattresses out there.

Don’t let that scare you though! They have been around this long for a reason.

Innerspring mattresses are durable and come in a plethora of levels of firmness. The support system of these mattresses include coils, generally made out of steel. The coils are covered with a padded layer for comfort

The spaced-out coils allow for maximum body movement and these mattresses are one of the most temperature-controlled due to all the open space within the coils. This mattress will definitely keep you cool at night!

These mattresses are both supportive, as well as flexible, with endless combinations of the two! Finding the right one for you is not going to be hard due to all the different variations. Finding the right balance will never be easier!

Hybrids: Different Types of Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are exactly what they sound like, a mix of different features!

Are you someone who is extremely indecisive? If you hate making choices this would be an excellent choice mattress for you!

Most hybrids include inner springs or coils but can be topped with various different materials such as memory foam, gel, or latex. Hybrid mattresses are great for individuals that don’t prefer too-hard or too-soft of a mattress.

The inner coils provide the soft, bouncy, flexibility. While a gel, foam, or latex topper provides stiffness at the same time. Hybrid mattresses are also generally cheaper than all-foam mattresses. Making them a great high-quality choice for those on a budget!

Hybrids mattresses conform to the “regular” mattress shape meaning they are taller and rounded at the edges versus a square, short shape that memory foam mattresses usually have. This means that they are generally more aesthetically pleasing and will sit on your bed frame more comfortably.

When trying mattresses at the store for 5 minutes each it is extremely difficult to get a good read on what actually feels good to you, a mattress free trial allows you to actually try out mattresses making sure you LOVE your new investment in sleep.

Pillow Tops

Pillow top mattresses are considered mattresses with several layers of padding sewed into the top (for allll that extra fluff!). Pillow tops can be on top of innerspring mattresses, or even air beds.

Your pillow top mattress is basically a mattress just with some industrial padding. Do you like an extra soft squishy mattress? That is a pillow top!

Pillow top mattresses are also good for people who do not necessarily care what’s inside of a mattress. Springs, water, latex? Whatever, you just want the good stuff on top, right?

Pillow tops can be made of so many different materials that provide different textures These materials include memory foam, latex, fiberfill, cotton, plain foam, or wool. These variations can change the texture, thickness, and heat retention of your mattress.

As far as appearance pillow tops can be integrated with the bottom part of the mattress, which is called a “Euro top” or it can visibly sit on top of the mattress base. All in all, pillow-top mattresses have severely increased padding compared to any non-pillow top mattresses.

Adjustable Air Mattresses

When you think of an air mattress you might be picturing a blow-up camping mattress. You know, the kind that you sink into the middle of, and crush your lungs trying to blow up?

Modern adjustable air mattresses are pretty much the exact opposite of that. These mattresses are high tech, and come with a system to make them easily adjustable such as a remote with particular settings in order for you to easily personalize your sleeping experience!

Adjustable air mattresses are the newest type of mattress on the market, these are great for people who deal with chronic pain, as well as pregnant women because you can change how your mattress feels on a nightly basis, depending on your needs!

Some adjustable mattresses even have split sides so two people can customize their side of the mattress separately from the other! Does your partner love a soft mattress, while you like a more firm-feel? You both can be happy with an adjustable air mattress.

These mattresses include pods of air or, “air chambers”. These are what allows the mattresses to move mechanically, the air is easily moved around within the mattress.

Adjustable air mattresses are on the pricier side, but they come with so many features and are extremely durable. Essentially it the absolute best quality of sleep money can buy!

Your Sleep Experience

These are the top different kinds of mattresses on the market! As well as all the features you need to know about. It is time for you to decide what type of sleep experience is for you.

You might want to try out a free mattress trial to find out. Not to mention catch some Zzzzzs!

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