Practicing martial arts is an excellent way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and learn life lessons that stick with someone throughout their lives.

The thing is there are a number of different types of martial arts to choose from. Each one has its own quality, discipline, and benefits. The discipline you choose should be based on what you’re looking to get out of learning a martial art.

We’re going to discuss some of the possible reasons you want to start learning a discipline, hopefully helping you to make the best choice. Let’s get started:

A Guide to Different Types of Martial Arts

We should note that you can’t know if something is for you until you try it. If you can’t come to a decision, we suggest trying out some beginners martial arts of any kind.

That said, some of the following ideas should help guide you.

Are You Trying to Learn Self-Defense?

Self-defense is a big reason for many people to learn karate. Getting equipped with the tools to defend yourself in any situation is an extremely attractive idea.

Someone who knows karate, for example, is far more equipped to defend themselves in an attack than the average person, just by virtue of knowing karate. Each martial art will equip you with the skills to defend yourself, but some are more geared toward defense than others.

So, if you’re looking to learn defense, we suggest going with Karate instead of Tai Chi, for example.

Are You Looking for a Physically Meditative Experience?

Another big draw for martial arts is the unification of body and mind. Students can learn how to control their breathing, intensify their focus, and translate those skills into their daily lives.

Again, each martial art will help you control your mind and body, but some are more focused on spiritual development than others. Tai Chi, for example, involves moving slowly, controlling the breath, and focusing on your body’s energy.

Aikido is another martial art that focuses on unification. Literally translated as “the way for harmony,” Aikido teaches students to defend themselves against attack using the least violent methods. Most of the important moves you will learn involve grappling and deactivating your opponent.

Are You Looking for Exercise?

Some martial arts methods are geared toward getting into perfect shape. If you watch any bouts in the MMA, you’ll notice the peak physical condition of many of the fighters.

Jujitsu, Aikido, and Judo are all martial arts that focus heavily on grappling. Grappling forces a person to exert great physical strength in numerous ways for long periods of time.

To be effective in these methods, a person has to work themselves to be effective at controlled breathing and have a lot of muscular endurance.

Need More Advice?

Understanding the different types of martial arts can really help you make a decision that will last. Getting in shape requires a lot of informed decisions, and we’re here to help out.

If you need more advice on ways to get healthy, explore our site.

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