Up to half of Americans say that they’re trying to lose weight.

If you want to achieve the ever-elusive flat stomach, you need to know your belly type.

If you want to know the answers, read the below to discover the right way to get rid of different types of belly fat

1. Beer Belly

About 40 percent of Americans drink too much alcohol.

If you’re drinking too much beer or wine, don’t be surprised if this shows up on your belly.

Beer causes you to develop hard and tightly packed fat in your belly. This is especially harmful to your health because the fat is located near your essential organs.

There is an obvious solution to your beer belly. You need to seriously cut down your consumption of alcohol if you want to rid yourself of this type of belly.

2. Stressy Belly

According to surveys, Americans are some of the most stressed people in the world.

If you’re stressed out because of your pressurized job or due to relationship troubles, you can quickly develop stress-induced belly.

This could be causing you to overeat or struggle to sleep. You need to make sure you deal with your stress to flatten your belly.

What can you do? Focus on mindful meditation, improve your diet, and get plenty of exercise to stay stronger.

3. Mummy Tummy

Many mothers struggle with their body image after giving birth. You may think your body will never be the same again.

You can get your body back to the way it was. You just need to follow an intense exercise regime.

Just stay on top of your healthy diet as well to make sure you shed that creeping fat around your belly.

4. Muffin Top Belly

Everyone knows a muffin top belly when they see one. The jelly fat that emerges around your lower belly is typical of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Only around 22 percent of Americans get enough physical activity. That’s why a sedentary life is likely to result in belly fat of this kind.

After all, you’re probably eating carbs that you’re not burning off. You need to make sure you burn the calories in your diet.

Even going for moderate walks or doing yoga is better at making sure you get rid of your muffin top belly.

5. Bloated Belly

Many types of belly fat will develop of many months or years. However, you can develop a bloated belly overnight if the wrong food.

If you find that after meals or during the day you start to bloat around your stomach, this could be because of a build-up of gas and fluid.

This could be because you’re eating the wrong things. You may be intolerant to dairy or gluten, for example.

There are a bunch of Best Fit Healthy Tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you as often when you eat.

What are the Different Types of Belly Fat?

If you want to tackle your belly fat, then you need to know about the different types of belly fat.

If you have a beer belly, then you need to cut down on alcohol. If you’re suffering from mummy tummy, then focus on more exercise instead.

Check out more tips on our website!

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