Ridesharing has increased famously across the world over recent years. Millions of people are using ridesharing apps daily. Because the ridesharing service is more affordable and user-friendly than any normal taxi service. Ridesharing in the US is always risky since you are getting into a stranger’s vehicle. No one can predict what may happen while traveling on the roads. Because most of the rideshare drivers are not professionally trained and, unfortunately, have been hired simply without any background check.

Based on a recent survey, accident rates are rising in major cities like Atlanta due to the ridesharing service. People in Atlanta tend to use the rideshare service more since it is an easier way to get around the city. Unfortunately, many get into accidents when using rideshare services due to the negligence of the driver. The upside is that the victims can seek the help of Atlanta rideshare accident lawyers who are well-trained to help them and obtain compensation.

Here are Some Downsides of Using Rideshare Services in the US


Ridesharing in the US Increase Emissions

People who prefer ridesharing applications for their travel should start using public transport. It may be the major cause and evolution of global warming. Many of the vehicles utilized in ridesharing services are diesel cars and petrol cars, which work with the use burning of non-renewable energy. It may lead to greenhouse gas emissions.

Ridesharing Services is a Reason for Rise in Accident

The latest studies reveal that ridesharing worsens traffic in the congested, busy rush roads of Atlanta. This happens because drivers get distracted by their mobile phones when picking up passengers and checking the routes on Google Maps. Most rideshare vehicles get into severe accidents. Because the rideshare services strictly follow time rides. So, drivers are compelled to drive faster, which is also the main reason for life-threatening accidents.

Ridesharing Services


Exhaustion plays a heavy role in situational awareness and slow reaction times because of the late hours and long hours of driver work. Due to exhaustion, the drivers are unable to drive properly. The driver’s tiredness causes the most dangerous accident for the driver, passengers, and others.

Drivers Earn a Lesser Wage

Most rideshare company pays the minimum wage for the drivers. Only a few companies offer good income benefits for the driver. It could be the toughest task for them to lead a better life. The lesser wage affects the driver’s mental health condition. So, the driver gets frustrated and stressed during the traveling time.


Insurance and Background Checks

Rideshare companies need to do the drivers’ background checks and insurance. The background verification process to find the driver, whether he is a sex offender or a criminal, ensures every passenger is safe in the travel. Rideshare services are at risk of scams and fraud.

Our article will help you to know the downsides of ridesharing in the US. Unfortunately, there are still various risks. Our article will help you be safe from ridesharing, such as auto accidents, sexual assault, theft, and others. Remember, if you ever get into a rideshare accident, consult a lawyer immediately. Calling a lawyer is the best action you can take following an accident.

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