You look great. 

Those are fantastic words to hear from a friend. However, if there’s no admiring eye around to compliment you, you can do it yourself! There’s nothing wrong with talking to yourself if you need a confidence boost. 

You’re not crazy. Here’s why. 

Do You Know What’s Going On?

If you’re talking to yourself because you think you’re on a spaceship communing with aliens, there’s a problem. 

However, if you’re perfectly aware of reality and know that you’re only communicating with yourself, you’re not doing anything strange or harmful. Talking to yourself can help you work problems. 

Are you about to have a thorny conversation with your wife? Practicing your part in advance could make the encounter run smoother. 

Are You Healthy?

If you’re mentally and physically healthy, it’s okay to talk to yourself. You shouldn’t worry about it. 

There are physical ailments that can restrict your ability to talk to other people. According to a clinic that specializes in TMJ disorders, you might be in too much pain to talk to people. 

Once you’re in that position, it’s not unusual to start holding conversations in your head. Your need to express yourself and work through your emotions doesn’t disappear just because you’re having trouble speaking. 

Where Are You?

Let’s face it. If you start talking to yourself in a crowded place, people will think you’re very strange. You’ll draw attention to yourself. 

It’s very different if you’re alone. No one is going to know if you talk to yourself in your own bedroom when you’re by yourself. 

What Are You Talking About?

If you find yourself focusing on dark, obsessive thoughts, you should try to stop talking to yourself if you can. You’re not helping yourself. 

Or you might find yourself talking about strategies to work through problems that you’re facing. In that case, your conversations with yourself would actually be useful. It could be a way for you to relieve stress. 

Are You Social?

If you’re talking to yourself because you have no one else to talk to, you should try to find a better social outlet. Your craving for human interaction won’t go away on its own. 

Talking to yourself shouldn’t be used as a substitute for being social. It won’t work. That’s one of the reasons why solitary confinement in prisons is so controversial.

Talking to yourself is only strange if someone knows that you’re doing it. And even then, you have to decide if you care what other people think. 

If you don’t mind being labeled strange, you can talk to yourself wherever you and it doesn’t matter. Burst into song if you want to.

Benefits of Talking to Yourself 

Talking to yourself is a natural way to organize your thoughts and clear your mind. Just make sure you keep in touch with reality. 

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