Florida is filled with vacation-worthy cities that make the decision where to move a tough challenge. There are multiple reasons for transferring to Tampa. It could be for work, a loved one, a change of scenery or even retirement. However, the great weather, with blue skies and sunshine in this cosmopolitan city, makes it a popular choice.

Tampa is on the west coast of Florida, on Tampa Bay, near the Gulf of Mexico. It is the third-largest city in Florida after Miami and Jacksonville. If you live for sunshine, the temperatures rarely go over 100F in the summer and do not go lower than 30F in winter. It not only offers a warmer climate but natural attractions, diverse neighborhoods, great food, cultural events, and recreational activities. It also provides a lot of work opportunities.

Once you’ve decided to move to Tampa, the next part is to plan your move properly to make the transition as seamless as possible. Here are some tips to remember before you relocate.

Find a moving company

The initial step is to research reputable Tampa movers who can assist you with your personal belongings. Ask for tips from your colleagues, family or friends. If you are moving because of a job transfer, consult with your office if they will shoulder the expense. Compare and contrast rates and services that best meet your budget and needs. Be practical and look into the costs of transporting your belongings as opposed to purchasing the same item in your new city.   Move only with the items that you feel have meaning or sentimental value, donate what you don’t need to charity.


Turn over your utilities

At least three weeks before you move, make sure to call your local utility providers (gas, water, electric) to schedule a turn-on date.  See who provides the best internet in your area. If it is the same company that you already have, rework your contract to the new address.

Choose your neighborhood

Always factor in your personal lifestyle and financial standing before moving. Research on the neighborhoods you’d like to visit. Try and experience living in each area before making your final decision. Is the neighborhood safe? Will it be close to your work? Does it offer good places to eat and shop? But more importantly, make sure that the cost of living works with what’s in your bank account.

Homeowner or Rental

Florida is a popular state for retirees and people looking for better weather. If you are moving alone, it would be wise to rent an apartment in your first year, before purchasing a house that is a bigger commitment.  When moving with a growing family, buying a home will be more economical. Staying in central, touristy areas will have higher rent and real estate costs, so choose wisely and ask for the assistance of a licensed real estate agent to help you.

Update your driver’s license

If you’re moving from a different state, you will be required to re-register your vehicle at the local DMV. They will also need you to update your driver’s license and car insurance. Read online and do your research with all the required paperwork so you will be prepared when you arrive at your new home.

Transfer your records

After finding a doctor and school for you and your family, it is wise to have your records from your old city transferred. Having your personal medical files at hand will give your new doctor an idea of your body’s history and needs.

Get a job

If you’re not lucky enough to be retired with a substantial pension, then you’ll need to stay afloat to maintain your life by the sea. It is advised to only move after finding a job in your new city. Tampa has many job opportunities such as IT, tourism and in the medical field.


Tampa offers a wide range of activities for your weekend rest and recreation. It hosts top-class beaches, museums, amusement parks, music festivals, and sports activities to keep you and your family entertained. From posh boat tours, zip-lining through the scenic Tampa Bay, to watching dolphins swim, there is something for everyone. So pick up a reputable guide book and ask for tips from locals where to go to next during your free time.

Prepare for the heat

The weather in Florida is warm and wet, only light clothing will be needed throughout the year. Your new home should have an air conditioner because the heat and humidity can become unbearable at certain times of the year. The monsoons also bring in typhoons and flooding so look into protecting your home and yourself. November through May are the best times to move to Florida when the weather is more temperate. It will help your body get used to warmer conditions slowly.

In closing, Tampa has great things to offer. Always choose what works best for you. The cost of living in Tampa is fairly reasonable when you consider what you can get for the money. There is no state income tax and houses are relatively inexpensive. So for those yearning to live close to the beach, moving to Tampa can make that dream come true.

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