One of the things common to any industry is evolution, and the beauty industry is of no exception. Just like every other industry, the beauty industry has evolved. Even since just last year (2019), trendy products and new trends are beginning to unfold. In addition to new trends, every industry also experiences new opportunities and challenges as part of their evolution process.

The regulation of the cannabis industry is one of the challenges that the beauty industry will have to face. Though every industry, including the beauty industry, loves to embrace new opportunities; challenges, unfortunately, are certainly inevitable. Beauty retailers will have to consistently find ways to meet the demands of their customers irrespective of the challenges they face.


A prediction of the possible CBD beauty trends in 2020 was made by several beauty brand CEOs, insiders in the industry and retailers. Here is what they have to say:

A renowned brand founder predicts that the year 2020 is very likely to be a volatile period for the cannabis industry. She said that the reason is that the majority of beauty retailers have risked relying on CBD brands that have no influence. With the constant changes in regulations made by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), she predicted that a lot of these brands will not be able to keep up with its demands. In addition, she predicted that the cannabis industry will suffer several lawsuits as a result and a lot of the biggest firms will be vulnerable. She stated that despite the cannabis industry still being in its infancy, 2020 will be its defining season. Ask Berkshirecbd experts to learn more

Another renowned CBD brand founder predicted that there will be further testing demands for CBD products, with an emphasis on beauty products. She predicts that this will be as a result of the FDA taking action based on the frustration of consumers. She further stated that she expects the top brands, that invest in manufacturing the best CBD beauty products, to dominate the market. This implies that we are likely to experience fallout from a lot of incompetent CBD products manufacturers.

A CEO of a popular beauty brand predicts that bank and payment platforms become more user-friendly. He gave an example of how some of these top-tier platforms such as Square and Shopify gave CBD brands access to their payment processing platforms. Although his predictions were a little different from others, he expects CBD brands to thrive like any other lifestyle and beauty brand. Learn more about these CBD beauty trends at ShareASale page.


A fragrance brand founder predicts that fragrance retailers will be compelled to adhere to recent fragrance guidelines. Another beauty brand founder expects more outstanding innovations in the year 2020. He indicated that the consumer demands for more make-up options will compel manufacturers to produce more innovative beauty products.


As every industry in the world experiences one form of evolution or the other, the beauty and CBD industry must also embrace these changes.

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