Does it ever seem like your cable bill keeps getting more expensive? Well, you’re not imagining things. Cable companies are notorious for raising their rates without telling customers. Here’s the answer of “how to watch sports without cable“.

Comcast customers, for example, are paying an estimated 3.6% more than they were last year.

How to Watch Sports Without Cable?

This leaves sports fans in a tough predicament: save money and miss out on their favorite games, or pay exorbitant fees. Fortunately, there’s a middle ground!

Keep reading to learn how to watch sports without cable so you don’t have to miss a second of the action.

1. ESPN+

For years, ESPN was a key reason why sports fans kept their expensive cable packages. Sure, you didn’t need 900+ channels, but it was the only way to get see all of your favorite games and highlights.

Good news, that’s changed!

ESPN+ is ESPN’s streaming service featuring a huge library of on-demand content, as well as live streams of all your favorite sports, including the MLB, NHL, and UFC.

You can subscribe to ESPN+ for $5 a month (or $50 annually) or through Hulu and Disney+ for $12.99 per month.

2. Sling TV

Sling was the first major service to offer live-streamed television over the web. And though it doesn’t boast the most channels, nor many extra features, Sling is still a fantastic value for the money.

Upon signing up, customers choose between three packages: Sling Orange ($30), Sling Blue ($30), or a bundle of both packages for $45. Sling TV is also available on Amazon Fire TV Stick. So if you are a proud owner of any of Fire TV products, and planning to watch NFL, Sling TV is your best bet.

Choosing between the packages can be tough, as ESPN is exclusive to Orange. Meanwhile, Blue features channels like:

  • NFL Network
  • Stadium
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • NBC Sports

Orange is the Package most well-suited for Sports Fans

Plus, it’s one of the only streaming packages that offer the Discovery Channel. And given the recent news that Peter Faricy is stepping up to head the direct-to-consumer division of Discovery.

Golf fans will want access to the library of Discovery-owned networks on how to watch sports without cable to gain full access to the PGA Tour.

3. FuboTV

While Sling offers fantastic value for the money, its lackluster UI and limited DVR can make using the service quite frustrating.

If you’re okay with spending a bit more each month, you’re better off subscribing to FuboTV, which is a streaming service aimed specifically at sports fans like you.

Fubo features the most sports channels of any streaming service and includes all the channels you’d expect such as Fox Sports and FS1, as well as specialty channels like NFL RedZone and The Tennis Channel.

Fubo Features the most Sports Channels

Fubo is also the only service to offer 4K streams, so you’ll be able to see every moment of the action of glorious detail.

And if you can’t catch the game live, don’t worry, every Fubo package comes with 500 hours of DVR storage so you can keep your favorite games for years to come.

Be a Money-Saving MVP and Watch Sports Without Cable

No matter your sport of choice about how to watch sports without cable, there are tons of great ways to watch sports without cable. With all the money you’re saving, you might even be able to snag some season tickets!

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