One of the best things you can do as a pet owner is to find a quality health care provider for your pet. If you just acquired a pet or have relocated to the East Coast, it will be in your best interest to look for a suitable veterinarian near you.

Knowing of a suitable clinic to rush your furry friend when they are sick or involved in an accident is crucial. You don’t want to have your pet handled by an unprofessional only to discover it when it’s already too late. It’s very important that you start the search for the best veterinary practice as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute rush when you should be by your pet’s side. Find a suitable veterinarian that offers the highest standard of pet care in the region for your pet before the need for one arises.

Here is what you need to look out for when choosing the right veterinarian:

1. Genuine Credentials 

Check whether the vet doctor is genuine. This is the first thing that you should check before you pick a veterinarian to care for your pet. It’s easy to frame fake diplomas on the wall.

Checking with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners can help you find an accredited facility and a certified vet near you. The vet doctor who is certified must have spent 2 to 4 years studying a specialized field and can handle all types of pets like dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, aquatic animals, and exotic animals, among others.

Let’s say you need to find the highest rated veterinarians in Orlando, Florida. The best option is to start by looking for ones online and read every single review on them, and if that’s not enough for you, you can always ask around with your closest relatives and friends who have pets for an opinion. Maybe they will know which veterinarian is the best in the Orlando area. After deciding on a vet, the next thing you need to do is check whether they have the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation. AAHA develops a benchmark of excellence and helps veterinary professionals offer exceptional care for companion animals.

Also, it ensures that the vet specialist is healthy and is aware of the latest innovations in the vet industry. With their 50-hour continuing education, they ensure that your pets are in good hands. If a pet clinic has AAHA accreditations, then they can offer the highest standards of care.

Also, consider calling the veterinary school in your town to verify if the vet is qualified to practice. Checking the year that the vet doctor graduated is vital, as it lets you be sure that you are leaving your pet in the hands of certified professionals.

2. Emergency Services Availability

It is important to remember to ask if the pet hospital offers emergency services or not. Emergencies can occur at any time. Thus, it’s in your best interest to ensure that a vet can attend to your pet 24/7.

When searching for a pet hospital, always remember to inquire about their emergency or after hour’s services. Some clinics offer 24 hours service while others are only open during specific times.

Picking a pet hospital that you can quickly access in case of an emergency and has the highest level of technology in the pet industry to handle emergencies is vital. Pick a pet clinic that you can trust, is near you, and is available for 24 hours. This can ensure that your pet will receive emergency care at any time of the day. 

3. Good Customer Service

It’s vital to look for a pet clinic that has excellent customer care. Schedule an appointment with the pet hospital that you think fits your requirements. Ask if they can offer you a tour around the facility.  Also, ask any questions that you feel can help you in deciding the right hospital for your pet.

For example, you can inquire about the services they offer, food, accommodation, fees, and the specific veterinarian specialists that handle pets in that hospital, among other questions. They should be ready to answer all the questions and tell you the truth.


Avoid the clinics that are not willing to offer visits or that give limited facility visits time like 5 minutes only. It could be an indication that you might see something they wouldn’t want their clients to see or know.

4. High Level of Professionalism

When checking out the hospital facility, also look at how the employees behave and their level of professionalism. Keep your ears open for how the staff members talk to each other and how they interact with their patients. Ensure that the employees offer excellent pet care, and they are knowledgeable about different pet treatments.

5. Good Reputation

It’s also useful to seek the recommendation of the best veterinarian nearby from family members, friends, and even strangers who have pets near you. Check also with the dog lovers or cat lovers forums. In these forums, you will be able to see the best recommendations and particular clinics with the highest levels of complaints.

Also, check the online reviews to see how the vet doctor is rated by the previous clients. The vet with many star reviews may be an indication that they offer the highest standards of care to pets in the region.

6. Cost versus Quality

Another factor to consider is the veterinarians’ fees and the overall cost of treating a pet. Sometimes cost is not always an indication of the level of quality. 

Some clinics may charge very fair cost but also offer high-quality medical care while some may overcharge and don’t deliver to your expectations. Compare the prices and go for the one that provides quality services at a considerable cost.

7. High Levels of Hygiene

High-levels of hygiene should also be a determining factor when choosing a suitable pet hospital. You don’t want to leave your pet in a dirty and unclean place.

If you visit a facility and you notice spots of urine or blood on the floor or in the waiting room, or hairs present on the examination table, just turn around and leave. It could be an indication of low levels of hygiene and the fact that they don’t clean up and disinfect after every patient. That is risky because your pet could get infected with some life-threatening contagious diseases.

Parting Shot

Choosing a veterinarian for your pet before the sickness or an emergency occurs is very important. Knowing where you will rush your pet for medical care is a key factor that will determine whether your pet will live to see another day or not.

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