Did you know that the Global Advertising and Marketing Market is set to reach more than $786 billion this decade? With marketing having such explosive growth, it’s easy to see why perfect targeted marketing can help your business. But what is targeted marketing, and how can you use the different types of marketing effectively?

If you’re curious about some advertising tips, look no further! Read on to learn about the best types of targeted marketing.

Gender-Specific Marketing

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It’s no secret that many companies focus their marketing on gender-specific campaigns. These campaigns are especially common with concepts or products that focus on one gender.

Some beauty products are more likely to focus on feminine customers. Masculine customers are often targeted with more “manly” products.

You can tap into these markets as well by focusing your marketing on masculine or feminine customers. However, veering away from this binary can also help draw in more customers.

Consider using inclusive marketing that doesn’t exclude genders. Using marketing that focuses on diversity can help attract more customers!

Some products are just better for some ages! Always consider age in your marketing whether you’re selling to youthful parents or retirees. That way, you aren’t selling a product to a demographic with no interest.

You also can use age as a rough estimate of income. Some age ranges are more likely to have spent time in their careers and have a more reliable income, while others may have more volatility.

Niche Marketing

Content Marketing

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial to marketing online. Using proper SEO can help make sure that your topic is showing up when others search for similar things. One of the best marketing tips is to make sure your niche-driven SEO is as honed as possible.

To that end, research your niche and look into common keywords to incorporate. You should also focus your marketing and advertisements on common areas and time zones in this niche if possible.

Geographical Marketing

A fourth core targeted marketing technique is geographical marketing. If your product or service focuses on a specific area, you should highlight geographical marketing!

Local marketing is effective for products with a limited range. An in-person service such as lawn care, cleaning, restoration, and the like are all best when targeted at people close enough to use those services.

Keep location in mind when marketing! A marketing campaign too far from potential customers will only waste your money. Make sure that the targeted demographic is people that you expect to become customers.

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Deploying Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing sounds complicated, but it’s one of your most effective tools. From global marketing to local outreaches, these advertising tips will help your campaign. These marketing tips are far from the only categories of targeted marketing, so consider branching out!

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