Did you know that the average cost of a vinyl or PVC fence is between $2,108-$5,077? If you are looking to add some privacy to your backyard or are looking for the perfect types of fence to make your garden feel like a private sanctuary, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn the fencing options you have

1. Slatted Screen

If you like a modern look with some boho glam, a slatted screen fence might be right up your alley. This fencing option will give you shade during the daytime but it will still allow some light to come through.

You can also use the slats to hook things on to it like lights and create an ambiance for nighttime entertainment. You can contact a professional like Butte Fence to help you find this fence type in their large selection of inventory.

2. Garden Wall

If you live in an area that has great weather year-round, you can look into adding a vertical garden wall as your fence. You can have flowering vines and plants growing on your fence along with other greens.

This is perfect if you love having greenery in your yard.

3. PVC Fence

If you are on a budget then this is a cheap way to fence in your yard and have a fence that will last a long time. Instead of using wooden pickets and stakes PVC is the material that is used.

The material makes this fence resistant to the outdoor elements, unlike wooden fences that will deteriorate over time.

4. Bamboo Fencing

Because bamboo can be grown naturally it is becoming more popular in recent years. It is also perfect for everyone that loves helping the environment. You can choose to either install rolled bamboo, live bamboo, or bamboo cane.

Keep in mind that bamboo is an invasive plant and you will have to keep it under control, to prevent it from taking over. A good way to keep bamboo under control is by putting it in multiple tall planters. This will make it easier to trim and keep it from taking over.

5. Wood Fencing

The last fence type on our list is a classic wooden fence. This option gives your home a warm and welcoming feeling without costing you an arm and a leg.

Keep in mind that the taller your fence is, the more money you will spend because you will need more lumber. Something else that will affect the price is the type of wood you choose. The great thing is that there is lumber to fit every budget. You can find affordable fencing panels that are made with quality materials.

Which of These Types of Fence Will You Choose?

Now that you have our list of top types of fence to install in your backyard, you can make an informed decision when you choose your perfect fence. Make sure that you choose a fence that brings you privacy but still gives your yard aesthetics.

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