Texas is the second-largest state in the USA by landmass as well as by population, so making plans to visit can be overwhelming. Breaking the state down city by city helps. There are endless things to do in San Antonio, but they’re all too often overshadowed by the reputation of the Alamo.

Take a look at these six San Antonio attractions and plan your next trip

1. The Alamo, of Course

It would be wrong to create a list of places to visit in San Antonio without taking a moment to talk about the Alamo, the site of a well-known battle in the United States’ history.

The most popular San Antonio site is more of a hub for tourists than it is for locals, but it’s still recognized by the city every year at Fiesta San Antonio, which is anticipated year-round.

2. San Antonio’s Musical Arts

Hear the sound of San Antonio at the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio! Even if you can’t make it there, you can reap the benefits of online lessons. When you do go for a visit, you’ll be inspired by the musical genius within.

Students of all ages learn to play guitar, drums, sing, and more at the Musical Arts Center. Tourists considering a move to the area shouldn’t miss this destination.

3. Local Delicacies in the Market Square

San Antonio’s Mexican population is a vibrant community that contributes to every aspect of the local economy and culture, including but not limited to the visual arts, language diversity and education, music, dance, and food.

It’s practically a crime to visit San Antonio without visiting the biggest Mexican market in the country, El Mercado. Relax and eat some conchas while enjoying mariachi music and other activities.

4. Experience Indigenous Pride in San Antonio

Like the rest of the United States, San Antonio’s earliest years were cruel to the indigenous people living on the land. These days, descendants of those indigenous people, the Coahuiltecan, hold on to their culture, working hard to maintain it and educate others.

Events led by the indigenous people of San Antonio include the annual United San Antonio Pow Wow, a wonderful opportunity to learn about a wide variety of indigenous cultures through dance, traditional dress, and other artistry.

If you’re looking for a rich cultural experience, indigenous sites and events are some top things to do in San Antonio but don’t get enough attention. You have an opportunity to change that on your next visit.

5. Things to Do in San Antonio for Adventurists

San Antonio is an interesting city, but don’t discount the land itself. One of the most unique natural features in the area is Natural Bridge Caverns.

Whether you’re interested in rare wildlife like the Mexican free-tailed bat or simply want to cool down underground during hot Texas summers, Natural Bridge Caverns is a must-see.

6. Inspiration at the Art Museum

While San Antonio’s local culture and natural features are unparalleled, worldly culture shines alongside local creations behind the doors of the San Antonio Museum of Art, also known as SAMA.

SAMA boasts the most comprehensive collection of ancient Greek, Roman, and ancient Egyptian art in the southern United States, alongside modern art.

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