In 2018, the state of Michigan had 125 million visitors. This might come as a surprise to you, seeing as it’s probably not at the top of many people’s “to-go” lists.

But the truth is, there’s plenty to do in the state, no matter if you’re a tourist or soon-to-be resident.

Here are some things to do in Michigan if you’re in the area soon!

Go to the Motown Museum

Go to the Museums

This is one of the best things to do in Detroit, Michigan. The Motown Museum is located in the old Motown Records house and shows you a bit of both Michigan and music history.

Not only can you get some learning in, but you can also get fantastic pictures! Make sure you pose in front of the “I Am Motown” sign to get some photos for your Instagram!

Visit Holland

No, we’re not talking about the Netherlands; there’s actually a Holland in Michigan! This is one of the cool things to do in Michigan you shouldn’t miss out on, since it’s like taking a trip overseas without even leaving the state.

As you might’ve guessed, Holland was founded by Dutch settlers, which means a lot of the architecture has Dutch influence. You’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to Europe!

Holland also has a fantastic beach, where you can partake in various water activities. The city also has the Kruizenga Art Museum, which you should make a stop at if you have time.

Spend a Day at the Detroit Zoo

Spend a Day at the Detroit Zoo

Taking a leisurely stroll in Detroit Zoo to see all of the exhibits can be fun, especially if you have little ones. It gives you a great opportunity to get some fresh air in the outdoors and get some learning in as well.

See all sorts of animals at the Detroit Zoo, including bald eagles and gorillas!

Grab a Meal at 11/11 Burgers

This burger joint has 3 locations in Michigan (Clio, Flint, and Novi), so it’s easy to stop in and refuel whenever you’re running low. Not only do they have burgers and fries, but also sandwiches, wings, salads, smoothies, and desserts. Check out their menu at

So if you’re hungry, forget about McDonald’s. Get a taste of local flavors instead and enjoy the best food in Michigan!

Stay at the Boyne Mountain Resort

Want to go skiing? Then the Boyne Mountain Resort is where you want to go! Its resort is fancy and offers you great views so you’ll definitely be treated to a nice vacation.

Even if you don’t want to ski, or aren’t going during snow season, you can still enjoy yourself here. This resort’s got ziplining, golfing, and a waterpark, so it’s fun for the entire family!

Enjoy These Things to Do in Michigan

Enjoy These Things to Do in Michigan

Seeing all these things to do in Michigan should be enough motivation for you to pack up your bags and go exploring. From the Motown Museum and Holland to the Boyne Mountain Resort, there are plenty of things to see and do in this amazing state!

Want to learn more about Michigan attractions? Take a look at our blog page then.

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