Everyone wants to look great but struggles to find the motivation to put in the work. Being out of shape is no fun, so finding a sport that engages your brain and body is the best way to get fit and stay fit.

Keeping fit doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym every day and be a mindless zombie, running on a treadmill that goes nowhere. Yes, you can use the treadmill, weights section, or elliptical to keep fit, but these activities will quickly become very dull. Over time, you’ll start to lose interest in these repetitive exercises, so finding a fun sport that helps you stay fit is vital.

Here Are Five Best Sports to Play for Exercise



If you ever plan on being successful at something, there has to be an element of fun that will keep you interested. Pleasure comes in all different forms, but every successful athlete enjoys their sport in one way or another.

You may think about getting involved in boxing as punching the focus pads is a challenge and almost like a game. It also helps you zone out and forgets about your worries. You can also vary your workout by switching from the bag to the speedball and then to the ring as needed. You’ll never get bored with boxing because there are so many skills to learn.

Training to fight is unlike any other form of exercise you’ll come across. Your body has to be in the best condition possible, meaning that every session will be a challenge to better yourself and improve on your timing and speed. When sparring, using every part of your body means enhancing your fitness levels, so boxing is not a sport for lazy athletes.



Frisbee is more than just a fun picnic game. This Olympic sport is a great way to have fun and shed some unwanted weight. It’s far more accessible than most sports and only requires one piece of equipment, an open area, and some enthusiasm.

There are lots of running involved, but you’ll hardly notice that while focusing on perfecting your throw or jumping to catch the frisbee.

Ultimate frisbee increases the challenge and makes the game more competitive. The only issue here is that you’ll have to convince others to join you for the workout to take place.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Jump rope is by far the trendiest sport of 2021. As more people had to start doing workouts at home, this fun sport emerged yet again. Jumping around while listening to music or focusing on nailing a new skill you learned keeps this activity fun and interesting.

The best part is that you’re fully in control of the workout’s speed, intensity, and length. Just 10 minutes a day of this sport will be enough for you to see a difference after a while.



Not everyone is a great dancer, but that doesn’t matter! You can still have fun while burning off a few calories, even if you have two left feet. Whether you’re clubbing or dancing around at home, this activity is very and requires plenty of movement that will get your body going and the energy flowing.

Just 30 minutes of dancing can burn anywhere between 200-400 calories. We’d choose 30 minutes of having fun and listening to music over 30 minutes of knee-pounding treadmill running.



Soccer is the world’s most popular sport for a reason! All this sport requires is a ball and a pair of feet. You don’t even need a partner to run around the field dribbling a ball.

You can create a net out of anything and challenge your friends, family, or pet dog to a quick soccer game. Challenge yourself by seeing how many fantastic trick shots you can do. Don’t expect to be the next Rooney or Ranaldo, but there’s no doubt you’ll have a lot of fun staying fit.



The accessibility of this sport is more complex than most others, but it is still a great way to build some muscle while burning some calories.

Being in the water is refreshing and fun. The amount of energy you expend while going from one side of the pool to the other is insane. Olympic swimmers have to eat up to 12 000 calories a day to keep up with their energy output and maintain their body weight.

Even if you aren’t the next Michael Phelps, you can still have fun while participating in this sport. If you’re looking for a super slick activity that will keep you in shape and challenge both your mind and body, swimming is the sport for you.

There are so many terrific sports out there for you to try! We didn’t even get to mention bouldering, horse riding, or mountain biking, but there’s plenty of time for you to try them all out. It isn’t hard work if you’re having fun!

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