Everyone knows sleep deprivation can have a lasting impact on your general health, along with possibly exacerbating illnesses or other health issues. But did you know the way you sleep can greatly affect certain health conditions? We’ll take a look at some of the worst offenders and what you can do about them.

Pain in Your Neck

Anyone who struggles with neck pain knows it can kickstart a chain reaction that you begin to feel all over the body. Once one thing gets thrown out of alignment, it feels like everything starts to go! So, how do we avoid this common issue?

Having the right type of pillows can be a great way to combat neck pain, as they should help to keep your head at an even level with your shoulders.

Try out various styles and heights of pillows to determine the right feel to prevent you from feeling like your neck is pushed too far upward or downward. Feel free to remove decorative pillows before sleeping to achieve your individual ideal neck height.

Pain in Your Shoulder

The natural response to shoulder pain is to sleep on the side that doesn’t hurt. But this could cause pressure to build up in the shoulder you are sleeping on, or some restless sleepers could end up rolling on to the painful side without realizing it.

Softer mattresses are available that put an emphasis on compression to prevent too much pressure from building up in the shoulders as you lie on your side. It may also be of benefit to get in the habit of lying on your back at night, to remove pressure from the shoulders completely.

Pain in Your Back

There can be all sorts of reasons for your spine to become poorly aligned as you sleep, including stacking your pillows too high or having a mattress that is too firm or soft for your needs.

Be sure to find a product that offers the right amount of support to keep your back well-aligned. Some sleepers may need something more firm to offer enhanced support, while others will need a bit of sinkage offered by a softer mattress to keep their spines straight. Some beds offer extra lumbar support to relieve this issue.

You could also try sleeping with a pillow under the knees or between them if lying on your side.

Pain in Your Hip

One of the simplest fixes for hip pain is to just switch to sleeping on your back. This will completely prevent the mattress from being able to push back against the hip, causing pressure build-up.

If you have trouble transitioning to back sleeping, you could try to find a mattress or topper that adds extra pressure relief for side sleepers.

Pain in Your Knee

Strain may be added to the lower back and knees and when the legs are on top of each other as you lie on your side. This is largely due to improper alignment caused.

Again, a pillow between the knees can keep the legs at the optimal distance apart to promote proper alignment.

Issues with Allergies

Sniffles, drainage, headaches. Sleeping with allergies is no fun.

An adjustable bed frame that allows the sleeper to lie with their head above the rest of their body could add great relief to these issues. A simpler but similar fix would be to use pillows stacked on each other to allow the head to be raised. If the allergies are environmental, look into organic or antimicrobial sleep products to eliminate triggers.

Issues with Acid Reflux

Just like with allergies, people suffering from acid reflux should try to elevate the head when sleeping to prevent too much acid from traveling back up the esophagus throughout the night. This can be achieved through pillows or an adjustable bed frame.

Side sleepers who struggle with acid reflux should lie on their left side. Sleeping on the right side has been shown to aggravate reflux as this position can relax the lower esophageal sphincter, which closes off the muscle connecting the esophagus to the stomach.

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Don’t Invest In a Career. Here Is Everything You Can Do To Build a Life

The world is changing rapidly. The way we live has already changed. The way we work keeps changing. Entire industries are crumbling. Robots are eating jobs. People are scared of losing their jobs. Nobody is safe.

But people are empowered to express themselves more than ever. The opportunities to create, to become a part of a global conversation and transformation are now more than you can ever imagine. There are now more free online resources to help you start and pursue your life’s work.

You can take your idea, business, or career, and turn it into something truly successful and amazing. It’s easier to transform your passion into your job than finding a job that matches your what you love to do.

What will you do with that?

What will your place be in this new, interesting world? Will you have a voice? Will you be a creator, or just a consumer?

You can do something.

Do something interesting, meaningful, different, amazing and truly remarkable. You have a choice. Choose to show your most amazing work to the world.

Inappropriate attention to detail is the reason why you have not launched your work. By all means, get it right but don’t aim for perfection.

Constantly push to evolve your ideas, even if you are not ready to launch your life’s work yet. Don’t get stuck!

“Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”  Goethe

Be a part of the conversation, and say something remarkable. Create something unique, new, beautiful. Build upon the works of others and transform it into your own.

Don’t be subject to the tyranny of “how things have always been done”. Find your true north and push past the default.

Here is everything you can choose to do to build a life that matters to you

Start a blog, write at least a little each day. Write a book. Or an ebook. Share your tips with others online or through a free ebook. Write poetry and publish it on the web. Create interesting, lovely or funny videos, put them on You Tube.

Create an app that will solve a problem in people’s lives. Become a watchdog to replace the faltering newspapers. Explore the world, and blog about it.

Try something you’ve always been afraid to try, and put it on video. Be yourself, loudly. Start a new company, doing only one thing, but doing it very well.

Start a business that does a service you’ve always wanted, or that you are frustrated with in other companies because the service sucks. Put your heart into something.

Say something that no one else dares to say. Do something others are afraid to do. Help someone no one else cares to help. Make the lives of others better.

Make music that makes others want to weep, to laugh, to create. Inspire others by being inspiring. Teach young people to do amazing things. Write a play, get others to act in it, record it. Empower others to do things they’ve never been able to do before.

Read, and read, and then write. Love, and love, and then help others to love. Do something good and ask others to pass it on. Be profound. Find focus in a world without it.

Become minimalist in a world of dizzying complexity. Reach out to those who are frustrated, depressed, angry, confused, sad, hurt. Be the voice for those without one. Learn, do, then teach.

Meet new people, become fast friends. Dare to be wrong. Take lots and lots of pictures. Explore new cultures. Be different. Paint a huge mural. Create a web comic. Be a dork, but do it boldly.

Interview people. Observe people. Create new clothes. Take old stuff and make new stuff from it. Read weird stuff. Study the greats, and emulate them.

Be interested in others. Surprise people. Cook great food, and share it. Be open-minded. Help someone else start a small business. Focus on less but do it better.

Give people a ride in your car. Use Uber to your advantage. Start an online shop on Shopify. Create and sell stuff on Etsy.

Help others achieve their dreams. Put a smile on someone’s face, every day. Start an open-source project. Make a podcast. Start a movement. Be brave. Be honest. Be hilarious. Get really, really good at something. Practice a lot. A lot. Start now. Try.

If you’re willing to take the risk of sharing yourself and your ideas with the world, you can create value you will be proud of.

Show up everyday and work on your most important life work. Whether the outcome is magnificent or eternal, whether it changes people’s lives, changes the world, changes you or groundbreaking, it matters that you show up.

By focusing on doing the one thing that excites you, you not only give yourself a shot at putting in the effort to become amazingly great at something, but you also make it easier for potential customers or employers to see you as “the guy who’s really great at that thing.”

If you pursue your dreams long enough, compounding takes effect. Momentum will surge. Don’t give up just yet.  Action begets outcome. Outcome begets action. Rinse, lather and repeat and you have momentum. You’ll become unstoppable.

Start. Move, make, create, ship, do. Just start. That’s what entrepreneurs do. They start. They start something. Sometimes it is something big. Sometimes it is a big failure. Either way, they got stuff done.

Don’t invest in a career. Build a life. Take your dreams seriously.

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