In 2017, the United States Environmental Protection Agency reported that the U.S. had about 267.8 million tons of municipal solid waste. Approximately 67 million tons underwent recycling. Today, the generation of waste has increased, translating to more recycling opportunities.

If you care for the environment, a recycling business can be the ideal venture. You will make money and still protect your surroundings.

Here are some of the recycling business ideas you can try.

1. Paper Recycling

Recycling paper waste is one of the business opportunities you ought to consider. You can collect waste papers and use a recycling machine to manufacture paper envelopes, paper plates, toilet papers, and many more. Treating the paper gives you more paper material options.

A white paper has supreme quality as compared to the newspaper and tissue paper. Once you treat the paper pulp from these products, you can recycle it to manufacture other papers for use.

2. Glass Recycling

Glass is fully recyclable. You can recycle it endlessly without fearing that it will lose its purity or quality. For a ton of recycled glass, you help preserve natural resources by a higher margin.

A glass recycling plant can be expensive to set up. Fortunately, you can get a loan from Hayes Barnard, who is the founder and CEO of Loanpal. The firm can finance recycling business ideas as it advocates for a green future.

3. Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap metals make up a significant part of municipal solid waste. You can get scrap metal after a construction project or manufacturing. Most of these metals are not in use and can pose a risk to the environment.

You need to have a scrap metal processing plant. Once you meltdown and remodel these metals, you can resell to manufacturers and other consumers as they will be purposeful. You can recycle scrap metals into decorations and other pieces that can play significant roles in different settings.

4. Plastic Recycling

Each person in the U.S. produces an estimated 234lb of plastic every year. Despite the high waste generation, the country is yet to match up to its recycling abilities. This gap presents a lucrative plastic recycling opportunity.

Recycling of plastic waste can help to produce other plastic products such as buckets, plastic bottles, polythene, tubs, and plastic cans, among other products. Recycling reduces waste, which has adverse implications on the environment. However, the number of recycles for a plastic item is limited.

5. Food Waste Recycling

Most waste scavengers in the U.S pick foodstuffs, among other wastes. You can collect food waste from bins and recycle it into cattle feed. You don’t need sophisticated types of machinery for this business.

Conversely, you can recycle the food waste by decomposing it using an anaerobic digester. This food treatment turns the waste into biogas, which can further be utilized as organic fertilizer. With the growing biogas demand, especially in rural areas, you will be smiling to the bank.

Recycling Business Ideas Can Be Lucrative

If you’ve been thinking about a sustainable venture, you can try one of the listed recycling business ideas. The businesses demand a low starting capital, especially when a plant is unnecessary. What’s more, you’ll be proud of making your environment greener.

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