Which are the best places to travel right now? Each year, we plan our vacations to top destinations for the following year.

COVID-19 and travel restrictions have limited or completely blocked the borders of several countries. But don’t despair; there’s good news, from now, things are looking up.

Countries are opening their doors, and they are doing so following established health and safety standards. That is good news for Americans who want to travel!

According to travel agencies, holiday reservations are increasing 65 percent of vacations scheduled for 2021 will be to foreign locations.

As things open up again, where are the best places to travel right now?

Travel Restrictions and Safety Regulations

Insurance Tips for Frequent Domestic and International Travelers

Travelers from the US who are vaccinated may now travel to numerous countries. You should, however, consult with the State Department for information on returning from your trip. In addition, there are certain restrictions in place.

As of January 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) passed a regulation. That rule requires all passengers flying to the US from a foreign country to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test. That includes residents of the United States.

You have to take this test no more than three days before their departure.

Where Are the Best Places to Travel Right Now?

More than 75 countries now allow citizens of the United States to travel there, but there are certain restrictions. A few of the countries that presently welcome travelers from the US are listed below.

Beautiful Kenya

Kenya’s landscapes are the essence of ‘wide-open spaces!’ That makes it more attractive than ever during this pandemic period.

You must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 96 hours of arriving in the country. You also have to arrive without fever or cough, trouble breathing, and flu-like symptoms. According to information, there are health screenings, including temperature checks, at Kenyan airports.

The Picturesque Bahamas

The Bahamas is a favorite holiday destination among US residents. To get a Travel Health Visa, visitors must apply and submit a negative COVID-19 test. That test must be no more than five days before their arrival.

Visitors are requested to sign up for health insurance for the duration of their stay. The testing requirements do not apply to individuals who are fully vaccinated. However, the wearing of face coverings is mandatory.

Cultural Bolivia

There are no COVID-19 limitations in place at a national level. However, local municipalities have the power to establish COVID-19 restrictions if they so choose. Check for any updates at Bolivia’s Foreign Affairs website.

Bolivia is a nation with significant tourist potential and a wide range of attractions. That is owing to its varied culture, geographical diversity, historical and culinary heritage. The salt flats of Uyuni, in particular, are a significant draw for visitors to the area.

Botswana’s Natural Beauty

To travel to Botswana, Americans must prove a negative coronavirus test no more than 72 hours before departure. Failure to submit test results will result in an involuntary 14-day quarantine. That quarantine will be at the cost of the individual.

Botswana offers a choice of many national parks. Travelers can choose from various lodgings. These range from first-class tourist hotels to luxurious safari camps. Private safari lodges and public camping sites are all available throughout Botswana.

Botswana cuisine is offered as specialty dishes, game meat to continental and Asian cuisine. Hotels and restaurants provide diverse meals.

European Croatia

Did you know that Croatia was named Travel & Leisure’s Readers’ Choice Destination of 2016? That is owing to the beautiful beaches, historic sites, scenic national parks, and delectable cuisine that the area has to offer.

One of Croatia’s four historical districts is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, limestone cliffs, crystal-clear seas, magnificent vineyards, and olive trees.

Americans must provide evidence of a negative coronavirus test conducted within 72 hours of arrival. Or upon arrival, quarantine while awaiting test results. Additionally, show proof of accommodations paid in full.



Germany is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world. That is due to its positive brand image, diverse culture, and accessibility. In addition, Germany is located in the center of Europe and is readily accessible from any point on the continent.

Tourists from the U.S. and an array of other countries can now enter Germany regardless of their vaccination status.

Tourists who want to visit Germany must have evidence of immunization. Or, visitors must present a negative coronavirus test conducted no more than 72 hours before. Vaccinated people may avoid quarantines.

Breathtaking Todgha Gorges in Morocco

If you are looking for spectacular landscapes and adventurous activities such as rock climbing, consider the Todgha Gorges in Morocco. It is a number of limestone river canyons or wadis located in the Atlas Mountains’ easternmost section. It is near the town of Tinerhir, which is a popular tourist destination.

There are numerous places across the gorges where you can use your auto belay device for rock climbing. It offers many distinct paths from which to select with varying difficulty levels.

No Matter Where You Travel, Your Memories Will Stay

Travel Tips to Help You Stay Energized on the Road

Everyone had a difficult time during the lockdown year. Living in continuous dread of infection, loved ones falling ill, or watching terrible tragedies across the world.

When countries reopen, travel will look quite different. That is as a result of new protection, screening, and cleanliness procedures that will be implemented. But there will be a silver lining to the new face of travel. Not only will over-traveled areas become less congested, but visitors will also choose to visit more remote locations.

COVID-19 status varies by country. That includes the spread of newer variants. Before traveling, all passengers must pay careful attention to the situation at their destination. Always check updates and recommendations before embarking on a trip.

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