Do you get a thrill out of doing extreme sports? White water rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world and you should check it out.

Keep reading to learn about some of the best places to go white water rafting.

1. Salmon River, Idaho

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The Salmon River is located in a remote part of the country and travels through the largest uninterrupted wilderness in the lower 48 states. You will get to experience the amazing scenery surrounding the river and see lots of different wildlife that live in that area.

The Salmon River is great in offering different lengths of white water adventure. You can start at the Middle Fork for a five to the six-day trip that gets started right in the rush of the river and ends in a magnificent desert canyon. You can also choose the Main Salmon which has a seven-day trip, or for something shorter you can start in Riggins, Idaho for a quick trip.

2. Colorado River, Arizona

The Colorado River is the most famous river to go white water rafting in the United States. The river offers many varieties of challenges to raft on, from beginner level to expert. You also travel through the Grand Canyon which is some of the most stunning scenery you could ask for.

You will start your trip from Flagstaff, Arizona and you can choose to go on an excursion just for the day or up to two weeks. The longer trips will feature camping, hiking, and gourmet food.

3. Ocoee River, Tennessee

Ocoee River, Tennessee

The Ocoee River is a popular river for white water rafting trips and has sections for beginners and experts. The river flows through the Cherokee National Forest and you will get to enjoy Tennesee’s natural scenery while enjoying the thrill of seventeen major rapids.

The Ocoee River is a great day trip for those who would like to experience the thrills of the Olympic Course from the 1996 Olympic Games and you will get to feel what it was like to compete in those games. After you get through the excitement of the rapids you can take a nice relaxing swim in the river before heading home.

4. Arkansas River, Colorado

The Arkansas River is a great destination in the Rockies for those who love to go white water rafting. There are varying sections for those who want a more relaxed experience and for those who are looking for a serious adventure.

There is plenty of beautiful wilderness and wildlife along your route to see. You can also go mountain biking and take hikes in the mountain to round out your outdoor adventure trip.

Learn More About the Best Places to Go White Water Rafting!

Learn More About the Best Places to Go White Water Rafting

These are just some of the many best places to go white water rafting! They each have wonderful thrills and beautiful scenery to experience.

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