Surveys show that 65% of people want to spend time with their colleagues outside of the office.

Whether it be a much-needed work happy hour or a festive holiday party, spending time with coworkers builds friendships and creates a stronger team.

However, it’s imperative to keep professionalism in mind while choosing an outfit for a post-work gathering.

Keep reading to discover our top tips for dressing for company parties

1. Ladies: Lay Low on the Bling

Corporate attire doesn’t have to be boring, but it shouldn’t be distracting.

When accessorizing for a work party, aim for classy. Spruce up a pant-suit with sparkling earrings or a necklace you don’t normally wear. Throw a tailored sweater over a business dress to spice up an otherwise normal business outfit.

Keep accessories modest. Steer clear of fiery red lipstick, large hoop earrings, and chunky necklaces. In business environments, a simple piece of jewelry allows you to personalize an outfit without going overboard.

2. Gentlemen: You Can’t Go Wrong With a Knit Tie

Whether you’re gearing up for a catered dinner at your boss’s house or heading to a company holiday party, knitted ties can complete any outfit.

Knitted ties are both simple, yet versatile. They catch people’s eyes with their thick weave and unique texture. The designs are subtle but not overbearing, making them ideal for company functions.

Choosing a knit tie adds personality to your getup while maintaining a work-friendly look. The ties are wrinkle-resistant and come in a variety of styles. They can be worn in a business casual environment or paired with a suit jacket for a professional look.

3. Ladies: Upgrade With Red Pumps

Take a work outfit from drab to fab by adding a stylish pair of red pumps to your attire.

Transitioning from conference calls to partying with coworkers doesn’t require a complete outfit change. Switch out your work-approved flats with a spicy pair of heels.

The outfit tells everyone you’re a professional who knows how to have a good time. Business on top, party on the bottom. Just make sure the pumps fully cover your toes.

4. Gentlemen: Stick to Classic Footwear

For corporate parties and gatherings, men should never wear tennis shoes or sneakers. Boat shoes are acceptable for summer picnic parties. Steer clear of sandals in work environments.

Instead, stick with classic oxford shoes, dress boots, or wingtip shoes. Choose basic colors, like black and chocolate.

The shoes have a dignified look that is office-approved. As long as the shoes are well-shined and in good condition, they can add a classy touch to any business outfit.

5. Everyone: Consider the Culture

When planning the perfect shirt and pants and dresses for a business event, always keep your company’s culture in mind.

If your place of work requires professional attire, then follow suit during a party. If the culture is relaxed and casual, you can get away with eye-catching apparel like sequins and bright-colored suit jackets.

No matter where you work, always keep modesty in mind. Company parties may be festive, but they are still a work event.

Men, make sure your slacks and shirts aren’t fit too tight and don’t roll up your sleeves. Ladies, watch your hemlines and choose a blouse with a respectable neckline.

Tips for Company Parties and More

Work events are an excellent opportunity to connect with coworkers and blow off steam. Just make sure you’re dressing appropriately.

So, now that you know how to dress for company parties, what will you be wearing?

For more fashion tips and tricks, check out our other articles.

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