Are you considering getting online therapy? Digital platforms have opened up new and innovative ways through which people can overcome the obstacles that characterize in-office sessions. The online treatment industry is convenient and offers incredible affordability, making it easy for just about anyone to engage a mental health professional privately.

That said, the companies that provide online counseling vary in terms of the quality of services and prices charged. Since we want to ensure that everyone engaging in such services gets complete value for their money, we have done the research and compiled this list. It contains some of the best online therapy platforms, categorized according to their areas of expertise.

What Are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

Once considered an alternative to in-office sessions, online counseling is gaining popularity and becoming a mainstay for those who need convenient service. The online treatment industry has received accolades for bridging the gaps that typified the traditional face to face counseling sessions.

Here are some notable benefits of this form of therapy:

  • It is accessible to anyone who wishes to use it;
  • It is convenient as one can get treatment from any place and time;
  • It is affordable compared to in-office sessions.

Considering the Best Online Therapy Platforms

As has been indicated, online treatment services are meant to make therapy more affordable and convenient. However, some websites perform better than their peers in the industry, providing incredible value for money. Here are some of the best-performing platforms when it comes to delivering mental health services on the internet:

Calmerry as the Best Overall Online Treatment Service

Calmerry, a relatively new player in the online therapy industry, makes it to the top of our list as the best overall based on service quality and affordability. The company offers both text and video options for its clients to use as they interact with some of the best therapists online.

When you register to the website, you will be connected to a certified online therapist, according to the information you have provided when signing up. Although responses to text messages are not instantaneous, most customer reviews indicate that the therapists tend to respond within hours, especially between Monday and Friday.

When it comes to convenience, the platform performs better than most others, offering clients the ability to talk to an online therapist on schedule from the convenience of their homes. With more than two thousand licensed therapists working on the website, you are likely to get a specialist who meets your mental health needs.

Also, customer support is friendly and available around the clock. Calmerry is one of the most affordable online in terms of cost, charging about $45 per week. There is also a trial week, which you will not find on any other platform.

MDLive as the Best Service for Online Psychiatry

One of the most comprehensive telehealth service providers you can ever find online is MDLive. However, the company is more renowned for offering psychiatry services, including video and text counseling and prescription management. Clients can also obtain help with anxiety disorders, addictions, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorders.

Signing up to the MDLive website may not be instantaneous, but is relatively simple and secure. The client only needs to fill out a form, giving information to find a matching online psychiatrist. When choosing a way to interact with your preferred therapist, you can pick from live chat, text, phone calls, and video sessions.

In terms of cost, the MDLive therapy platform is relatively affordable, although the price of seeing a psychiatrist tends to cost more compared to the one charged by a counselor. For instance, with a psychiatrist, you will be asked to pay $284 for your initial visit. Subsequent sessions will cost comparatively less at $108 for each session. Since the agency accepts most insurance options, there is a huge chance that the cost you pay out of pocket may be significantly lower.

Of course, MDLive also offers therapy sessions with accredited counselors, which ideal for those who wish to transition from a specialized psychiatrist’s services to continuing sessions with an online counselor. Remember, this company’s service is not based on a subscription, meaning that you can terminate it at any time according to your health needs.

7 Cups as the Most Affordable Therapy Platform

One of the main reasons why therapy online is gaining popularity is the amazing affordability it guarantees. Of the many companies reviewed in this list, one of the best online therapy companies in affordability remains 7 Cups. The platform offers free emotional support to its clients around the clock. You can get help with relationship issues, addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, grief and loss, as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder.

When it comes to the cost of therapy online, you will only need to pay about $150 per month to benefit from the services. This is relatively less when compared to most providers of online mental health services. A bonus is that customers benefit from free emotional support and access to engaging a trained volunteer on the website for free.

Creating an account with 7 Cups is relatively simple and straightforward. You only give out your details and medical history to help with choosing an ideal online psychologist. We recommend choosing the paid version for more in-depth counseling and treatment. The only challenge you may encounter is that the services offered on this platform are often not covered by most health insurance companies.

Pride Counseling as the Best Platform for LGBTQ+

Unlike most therapy counseling platforms that offer a generalized approach to treatment, Pride Counseling understands the unique needs of the LGBTQ community and the mental health challenges they encounter. The company tailors its counseling services to suit the demands of this patient category.

Once you sign up on the platform, you will be linked to a professional therapist who fits your mental health needs and preferences. Clients on this site can get help with chronic stress, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, and relationship issues.

Important Takeaways to Consider

The goal of online treatment is to improve access to quality and affordable counseling. Understand that the websites listed here are only a few of the most popular therapy platforms, and the list is not conclusive. Use the information to make a good decision on where you obtain care.

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