Automated technology can completely change the way you live, work, and rest. We all know already the benefits that we can get if we purchase a lift desk, an automated bed, or a TV lift. Additionally, there are a lot of DIY projects about how to modernize your kitchen with linear actuators to make it more functional and fit there all the devices and items you might want.

However, there are still not many projects that help us to improve the way we travel. Thatโ€™s why here, we will try to improve it and check some automated tech projects that can turn your trailer into a comfortable and spacious house for trips.

What About A Comfortable Bed?

What About A Comfortable Bed

If you want to sleep properly during even the longest trip, an automated bed is a must for you to have in your trailer.

You have two options to choose from:

  • A lift bed
  • An automated adjustable bed

In the first case, you will have to do some work. Prepare linear actuators because it is going to be an electric linear actuator installation. Get a bed frame. It shall be as lightweight as it is possible.

Now, you can start with the project. Fix actuators on the trailer floor. They will lift and lower the bed frame.

Fix the bed frame on the actuators and tighten the screws. Test everything properly before you go on a trip.

Put on the bed frame something that weighs the same as you or anybody who will sleep there. Make sure the actuators move effortlessly.

After that, you can start your trip with confidence that you will spend the time in comfort, just as if you were at home. When you or somebody from your family wants to rest, you lower the bed by pushing a button on the remote control. And when you need space, you lift the bed. Like this, you can be sure that the entire interior of your trailer is going to be available, and when you are tired, you can rest properly.

Another option is to get an automated adjustable bed. If you make your purchase from a reliable manufacturer, you are going to get an upholstered item of top quality. In any adjusted position, the bed is going to provide your spine, neck, and all the body reliable support according to the natural needs of your body.

While to use the bed, you have just to buy it, it has one drawback you might not like indeed. Even in the flooded position, it is going to take someplace in your trailer. So, if the space is scarce, you might still want to consider a lift bed.

A Table And Chairs That Can Be Hidden

A Table And Chairs That Can Be Hidden

Another detail you want to implement is to make a foldable table and chairs. If you donโ€™t like foldable things or you think they wonโ€™t be comfortable enough, consider a table that can be lifted from the floor with a linear actuator. Chairs can be either foldable or you can also use a lift mechanism to lift them when you need them and to hide them at the floor level to have more space.

Watching TV Will Make The Longest Trips Fun

Watching TV Will Make The Longest Trips Fun

Another improvement you can implement is installing an automated TV lift. You can install the TV lift mechanism whenever you want. It can be an upper part of any of the trailer walls. Or you can fix it on the trailer ceiling, and it will be lowered only when you and your family need to rest.

We bet your family and friends will be amazed by the TV set that doesnโ€™t take any space, doesnโ€™t bother at all but is always available whenever it is needed.

Bottom Line

Some people, even if they have a trailer to travel, still believe that trips are challenging. Because on a trip, one cannot have proper rest. But as you can see, everything can be improved. Now, you have plenty of solutions that can help you to arrange your travel trailer in the best way and turn it into a wonderful extremely comfortable vehicle suitable for the longest trips.

You can make your own installations. All you need to do is to buy some actuators (make sure they are powerful enough and have a suitable stroke length), get the needed tools (you might have to purchase some but it is better to have them anyway), and devote some time to transform your travel trailer into something incredible.

You can opt for ready solutions, too. But anyway you will have to install them somewhere. Your best helper in it is a proven technical solution such as a quality linear actuator. Think about what you normally miss when on a trip, check what guides are available on the web, and modify your trailer.

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