If you’re the type of person who loves learning about history, then you also should be on the lookout for the best historical places that you can travel to right in the United States!

When it comes to learning about United States history there are lots of states and cities that have helped to shape what we are today.

There are tons of awesome historical cities in the U.S. that are worth taking a trip to explore. Whether you’re planning to go alone, as a couple, or taking the whole family along these U.S. cities are packed full of history that you can learn about.

Keep reading for our guide to the seven best U.S. cities that every history buff should visit at least once in their lifetime

1. Boston, Massachusetts

When it comes to the history of the United States, what better place to start than the birthplace of the American Revolution? There are tons of significant places to tour if you plan to head to Boston on a trip.

Boston is known for creating many firsts. Make sure to stop by the nation’s first college, Harvard University, as well as the oldest public library, the earliest subway system, and even the first-ever public park.

When it comes to visiting Boston there is tons to see and do here for the entire family. You can tour many museums, historical sites, walk through cobblestone streets, and even marvel at the old and new architecture.

2. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

What draws most people to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is seeing the Gettysburg Battlefield. This battle was known as the bloodiest during the Civil War and a pivotal victory.

Checking out the Gettysburg Battlefield will be a huge part of your trip for a lot of history lovers. You can watch reenactments as well as a film narrated by Morgan Freeman.

On the property, you will also find the David Wills House where Abraham Lincoln finalized the Gettysburg Address which freed the slaves.

Gettysburg is a popular historical city for many other reasons too! President Eisenhower retired to Gettysburg and it was a place that he called home. There were tons of great places that the president loved to frequent that you can check out during your trip to Gettysburg.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re interested in learning about what life in America when it was still a British colony, then taking a trip to Charleston, South Carolina will be perfect for you. You will find one of the best walking tours here as you see a real-life depiction of what life was like.

There are tons of things that you can learn while you tour through Charleston. On the darker side slavery was very prominent in this city many years ago. You can learn all about the harsh side of slavery as well as slave trading and it’s origins.

Along with learning about all of the history that Charleston has to offer you can also see some magnificent buildings. These buildings include the Dock Street Theater as well as some stunning houses by famous families.

4. Washington D.C., District of Columbia

We can’t have a list of the best historical U.S. cities without putting the nation’s capital. Washinton D.C. is filled with tons of awesome museums, monuments, landmarks, and history that you can explore.

One of the best parts about traveling to Washinton D.C. for history buffs is that most of the great sites that you will want to see and learn about are completely free to the public.

Besides touring all of the big notable monuments and landmarks in Washinton D.C. you can also take some neighborhood tours while you’re there as well. This city is filled with a rich history and it’s totally ready for you to learn and explore.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has changed hands throughout history multiple times which is why it can be such a fascinating place to history lovers. The French created a huge influence on New Orleans which also makes it a great place to travel too and learn about.

You’ll enjoy seeing the St. Louis Cathedral, which is by far the oldest church still standing in America.

New Orleans is filled with tons of things to do as well as so much for history lovers to learn about.

6. St. Augustine, Florida

When it comes to seeing the oldest currently occupied European settlement in the United States, then St. Augustine, Florida is the place to go. You’ll be transported by in time the moment you step onto the cobblestone streets that this city as to offer.

With all of the wonderful museums, monuments, art galleries, and colonial architecture St. Augustine is loved by many history buffs. You can learn all about the deep-rooted history and culture that this wonderful city has to offer.

7. Williamsburg, Virginia

When it comes to traveling to many cities on this list you may notice that they’re very updated, but Williamsburg, Virginia has stayed true to its roots. When you travel to Williamsburg it is truly like traveling to a museum which is why it is a great place for any history lover out there.

You can walk the same exact paths that the founding fathers once traveled. All of the reenactments that you will see take place in the same spots that originally did. You will even be able to explore the halls of the original colonial manor.

Historical Cities in the U.S. You Must Visit

When it comes to finding the most interesting historical cities in the U.S. to visit there are plenty! Make sure to add all of these to your list of places that you must visit.

Whether you enjoy going on tours, visiting museums, or exploring at your own pace these U.S. cities have it all. If you love learning all about American history, then you will be sure to have the time of your life at any of these awesome U.S. cities.

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