Did you know that the global beauty industry is worth $511 billion? Additionally, with the rise of influencers and beauty bloggers, consumers are now 40% more willing to try new products.

With the average woman spending up to $3,756 per year on makeup, it’s essential to know how to use the products to enhance your beauty. If you’ve ever wondered how to start a beauty blog or want to learn about the 5 best beauty blogs, keep reading.

1. Allure

Allure is one of the most popular beauty blogs around the world. Many beauty websites, like Allure, divide the content into different verticals, such as makeup, hair, skin, reviews, wellness, and others.

Allure also has a newsletter to deliver their posts directly to your inbox. Additionally, you can purchase beauty boxes on the website and discover the latest market trends.

2. Brown Beauty Talk

Brown Beauty Talk

This beauty-focused blog began in 2015 with a #BBT hashtag, and now it is one of the best 2021 beauty blogs. Brown Beauty Talk focuses on amplifying the voice of Black and Asian women in the UK. The blog not only talks about various new products but also provides skincare advice to women of color.

A unique feature of BBT is that it is a platform for people to launch their products and companies. BBT also created the first beauty directory for Black-owned brands, which you can find here.

3. Face Flawless Skin

Similar to Brown Beauty Talk, Face Flawless Skin targets women of color. The blog, similar to other beauty websites, aims to provide fact-checked and expert-written blog posts. However, face Flawless Skin goes one step further by working with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aestheticians to ensure their readers get the best information available.

4. NewBeauty


For those beauty lovers who want to stay trending, NewBeauty is the blog for you. This blog focuses on viral makeup and beauty trends to keep you on-trend.

The blog also has skincare tips, face and body care, spa tips, dermatological treatments, and celebrity skincare routines to ensure there is something for everyone.

5. The Organic Bunny

The Organic Bunny

Amanda Jo started The Organic Bunny in 2013 due to her passion for organic products. Her blog highlights the importance of using organic products rather than those filled with chemicals. She aims to make organic products more approachable and educate her readers.

She also provides links to shops that sell organic products for readers ready to make the switch. The Organic Bunny also has makeup tutorials and at-home treatment reviews to help make your daily routine even more effortless.

If you are interested in any beauty enhancements such as botox, skin tightening, fillers, intravenous therapy, and even an acne program, visit beyouthfulco.com.

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