Your best friend has just told you heโ€™s getting married and has asked you to be his best man. As the best man, youโ€™re being tasked with certain duties that you canโ€™t shirk on. One of these duties is the bachelor party.

You donโ€™t have the most experience on party planning but you donโ€™t want to disappoint your friend by planning a lame party or worse, not planning one at all. You want to give him a night to remember. To help you out with your planning, here are a few bachelor party ideas that will make you the most amazing best man ever.

1. Do Something Awesome

While you can go with the basic strippers and alcohol, this is your chance to plan something that you know your friend has always wanted to do but hasn’t. Go sky diving, swim with sharks, Make a day out of it.

Oh, and it goes without saying that if you do plan on doing something a little more adventurous that you should save the more stereotypical stuff like drinking for after. Jumping out of a plane when a little tipsy isn’t a good idea for obvious reasons. 

2. Don’t Get More Toasty than the Bachelor 

You see it in movies where the guys go out for their friend’s bachelor party and then said friends lose the bachelor. As the best man, you want to protect the bachelor and not let this happen. You can’t do that if you get way more hammered than the groom. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t drink. It just means that you should hold yourself back a little bit.

This party is all about the groom so if anyone is going to be puking his guts out in a parking lot later, it’s him. Don’t be selfish. 

3. Do What the Bachelor Wants 

Again, this night is all about the groom. For him to have a good time you have to respect his decisions. If he says absolutely no strippers, don’t try to surprise him by taking him to a strip club. 

The same rule applies to alcohol. Not having these things doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. You can have fun without them. 

4. Don’t Let Him Do Something He Will Regret 

Don’t let your friend do something that’s going to end the marriage before it even begins. He should be able to feel joy when he’s watching his partner walk down the aisle, not regret. 

While yes, grown people can make their own decisions, it’s very hard to do that once alcohol is involved. It’s your job as their best man to pull them back down to earth and realize that cheating on their fiance may not be the best idea. This goes back to taking care of the groom. 

5. EAT

If you know you don’t have much restraint when it comes to drinking, there are ways that you can prepare before the party. The best way is to eat plenty of food beforehand. Food will help your stomach soak up the alcohol so you won’t get as drunk. 

Speaking of food, don’t skimp on this in favor of other activities. Take the groom somewhere with amazing food rather it’s a bar with cuisine that’s as great as the drinks or going to a fancy restaurant before you go bar hopping. 

6. Add On to Traditions

There are common themes when it comes to having a bachelor party. It’s a right of passage of sorts. A fun night for your friend to let go of a more youthful part of them to sink into new responsibility. 

Traditions involving the practice have evolved through the years and it’s up to you to honor these traditions in your party planning while also putting your own spin on things. 

7. The Guest List

When making the guest list obviously there are going to be the close-knit friends who go on it without a second thought. Things can get messy though when inviting people who are exclusively friends with the groom or friends that the groom likes but someone else doesn’t get along with. 

The best thing here if you feel like a fight might break out is to take the guilty individuals to the side before the party and kindly remind them that this night is about the groom. If they can’t respect that, then don’t show up. End of discussion. 

8. Don’t Accidentally Be a Snitch 

If you’re someone who really loves social media or you know that someone in the group is, then it might be best to sort of ban phones. One of the quickest ways to turn a fun night into a sour one is for the groom’s fiance to find out what you got up to. 

While the fiance probably knows that you’re going to a strip club, that fact may not save your friend from getting in trouble. 

Did these ideas not really help you out with your party planning? You can see a few more here that might. 

Bachelor Party Ideas that Will Make You the Most Amazing Best Man Ever 

When your friend awards you the proud honor of being best man, you are tasked with a ton of duties. One of them is planning a killer bachelor party. Use these bachelor party ideas to give your friend the night of his life. 

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