Did you know that 43% of American adults say they play video games regularly? One popular genre adults get into is racing games.

If you’re fond of racing games too, you’ll benefit from more gameplay immersion. The most effective way of accomplishing this is by getting a sim racing wheel. But without prior experience, you won’t know the best sim racing wheel around.

Don’t feel discouraged yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn the benefits of using a racing wheel for your games. Read on and find out how this game accessory can change your racing game experience:

1. Your Setup is Stable

The most common reason to switch from desk clamps to a wheel stand is because of its stability. These accessories use metal or metal alloy for their construction. This gives it more structural integrity, especially when compared to your bedroom’s decades-old desk.

Also, these bases sit firmly on the floor by design. It means eliminating any risk of sliding in any direction. This is unlike your pedal set, especially when you don’t secure it with carpet grips and other accessories. Lots of sim racers hesitate to buy wheel stands since it’s a permanent set-up.

The good news is that lots of manufacturers now have fully collapsible wheel stands. The pedals and the wheel won’t move, but you can move it to the storage until you must use it. That eliminates the reservation most people have.

Also, most manufacturers of sim racing products are avid enthusiasts of the hobby. That’s why their innovations are simple and effective. It’s especially important since the average gamer will play for 7 hours and 7 minutes per week, meaning stability is a must for prolonged sessions.

2. You Have More Control With Your Game

Racing wheels offer you more control over your gaming experience. This setup frees your hands to focus on steering without worrying about acceleration and braking. This also eliminates the possibility of your thumbs turning on you during critical moments of the gameplay.

Nowadays, the market will have a large selection of wheels. This caters to all players regardless of your budget constraints. Its key feature is force feedback. When you drive, the car’s steering column will continuously react to the surface you’re on, as well as the way you’re driving.

In most racing cars, this effect gets amplified. That’s why when you use a racing wheel, you can react more intuitively. After all, you get the right amount of feedback through your hands, unlike the rumble pads on controllers.

Also, wheel turns are more immersive. Compared to gamepads, wheels have a higher degree of turning. That means they avoid doing over or under turning because of a minuscule change of the joy pad’s directions. With wheels, you have a bigger amount of rotation available.

The more basic wheel models will have 270 degrees while the higher-tier wheels have a range of up to 1080 degrees. This flexibility allows you to become more accurate, driving while preserving your game style.

3. You Get More Immersion

Sim racing steering wheel products have both the aesthetics and feel of the actual thing. That’s why your experience is immersive and player-friendly. With technological advancements, some manufacturers can get a license to produce wheels of specific car brands, like Tesla and Ferrari.

Take note, some of these aren’t as practical since they’re more expensive. But these wheels look and feel great, making you more exhilarated as you simulate driving your favorite car. Nothing can top the immersion of using actual wheels.

Take note, the authenticity of your gaming experience is necessary. Regardless of the genre, games can get ruined with unrealistic feelings or physics. That’s why investing in a wheel will help make you feel more a part of the game.

4. You’re More Comfortable

The best part with a racing wheel setup is you’ll have full control of its comfort settings. You have sliding metal components, easily-adjustable with its stand height, gear stick shifter position, and pedal location. It’s perfect, regardless of your preferred seating position, even when you’re a couch potato.

Things to Consider When Buying a Sim Racing Wheel

In the 90s, the first gaming wheel got its release. Since then, the hardware became extremely popular, with companies taking it upon themselves to design the best wheel. But when you buy your own, you must consider these factors:


Wheels have a price range of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. All these offer various unique features. That’s why when buying your wheel, think about the price and other things you’ll need. Most will bundle pedals with wheels, but if they aren’t, you must find an alternative.

Without pedals, most wheels are often pointless and useless. Another thing to consider is that wheels will only work with pedals coming from the same wheel manufacturer.


The good news is that this issue isn’t as common as it was. But it can still happen sometimes, so always look whether the wheel works on either the PC or the console. It’s often frustrating to consider all other specs, only to find out that it won’t work using their current sim racing setup.

Learning Curve

As much as most people deny, not everyone can excel at something right away. This also applies when using a sim racing wheel. If you’re new, it could take a while before you get used to your new equipment.

Don’t feel discouraged since most wheels have gentle learning curves. Before long, you’ll see improvements as you become more accustomed to it. But if you want a good wheel, check out our Fanatec review and see whether it’s the best fit for you.

Get Your Sim Racing Wheel Today!

These are the benefits of having a sim racing wheel setup, especially when you aim for a more immersive gameplay environment. Also, use the considerations above to get the best sim racing wheel in the market.

Was this guide enjoyable and informative? If so, we encourage you to read our other posts and learn other gaming and tech tips today!

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