Cannabis has many beneficial properties medically.  Whether you suffer from chronic pain, mental health issues, or cancer, medicinal cannabis can be great for you.  You can reduce stress and anxiety while helping insomnia among other things at Green Door West.

In recent years, we are finding out so much more to cannabis.  We have made discoveries that have been hidden for quite some time and society is starting to come around to the benefits of it.  Just look at all of the new legislation being passed for both medicinal and recreational marijuana use.

At the current moment, there are 10 states along with Washington, DC where recreational marijuana is legal.   On the other hand, 35 states (if you include Puerto Rico) allow medical marijuana use.  Below is a list of some of the benefits of medical cannabis.

Preventing Alzheimer’s

According to a 2006 Scripps Research Institute study THC was found to block the enzyme in the brain that produces amyloid plaques.  Amyloid plaques kill brain cells and can bring on Alzheimer’s disease.

Grandma’s Glaucoma

Most of us can relate to the old saying “the weed is for my glaucoma”.  Way back in the day cannabis was used by a few patients here and there who were diagnosed with glaucoma.  Studies as early as the ’70s started to show the benefits cannabis has on glaucoma. Glaucoma is caused by pressure in the eyeball and according to the National Eye Institute marijuana lowers this pressure in the eyeball.


A California Pacific Medical Center study showed in 2007 that CBD may prevent the spread of cancer.  Another study by Molecular Cancer Therapeutics showed that CBD can turn off the gene id-1 and in turn stop cancer.  While the American Association of Cancer Reseach found CBD to slow down the growth of tumors in lungs, breast, and brain cancer patients.

Help with Multiple Sclerosis Pain

A Canadian Medical Association study showed that marijuana may ease pain from MS by stopping muscle spasms and neurological symptoms caused by it.  THC bonds the receptors of the nerves which alleviates pain. During the study, patients didn’t receive any relief by taking other medications however, when they used marijuana they said they experienced less pain.   

Ease Parkinson’s Tremors

If you’ve ever been around someone with Parkinson’s disease then you are aware of how debilitating it can be.  The tremors many patients experience are acute and horrible for them. However, some recent Israeli studies have found that Cannabis drastically reduces these tremors and pain associated with them while allowing patients to get a better night’s sleep.

Cannabis can be a great thing if you are dealing with these or many other symptoms and diseases.  The world is finally opening up to these wonderful possibilities and hopefully, it keeps expanding.  

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