Are you planning to build a second addition to your home? You’re not alone. Cottage living is back in vogue; more people are making ADUs on their properties.

This trend of adding a micro-home or an accessory dwelling unit to your property isn’t just beautiful but also might be a significant investment. Are you deciding whether or not to build a custom ADU?

Read on to learn about its benefits and which addition will be best for you and your property. Let’s get started!

An Affordable Housing Option

tailor an ADU

These units offer an efficient housing solution for a variety of people. They come in many sizes and configurations, meaning you can tailor an ADU to meet the user’s needs. An ADU is typically built in the following ways:

  • The backyard of an existing home
  • On top of a detached structure
  • A basement or attic

ADUs provide a relatively low-cost housing solution compared to other housing options. They provide the advantages of having a single-family residence without building a large home.

Above all, ADUs are a viable, cost-effective solution for those wanting an affordable, independent living option that offers environmental and community benefits.

Increased Energy Efficiency

These secondary residences are a great way to make use of available land. With the addition of an ADU, you can significantly increase the overall energy efficiency of a property, leading to both environmental and financial benefits.

ADUs benefit from improved insulation and higher-efficiency appliances. This results in a significant decrease in heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, the smaller size of an ADU means you use fewer resources to maintain adequate temperatures. It decreases utility bills even further.

Improved Access to Transit

For homeowners, ADUs offer an additional source of income. It can be rented out as a short-term rental or as an Airbnb. It also provides an alternative housing option for family members, friends, or tenants.

Additionally, it also has the potential to improve community access to transit. Multi-family dwellings, such as ADUs, provide easy access to transportation and limit the amount of driving a person does.

Furthermore, it can also help alleviate the burden of parking spaces needed around transit stops. An ADU can significantly improve community access to transit and limit the amount of driving.

Substantial Financial Advantages

This increase in value is not just attributed to the rise in square footage. It is the additional rentable space that increases the appeal of the property to buyers with larger incomes.

Furthermore, rental income created by an ADU often covers the additional monthly expenses associated with owning it. Moreover, it provides extra leeway when financing a purchase or refinances.

Lastly, ADUs can be an attractive option for those seeking to downsize into retirement, as it provides long-term rental income for supplemental income needs.

Generates Rental Income

ADUs allow bringing in extra income through rental or other uses. ADUs can have a variety of designs, materials, and features to help them match the style of the existing building and property.

income through an ADU

Their rental income can help cover maintenance costs, mortgages, and bills. Additionally, some jurisdictions may incentivize homeowners who produce rental income through an ADU.

Overall, ADUs provide an attractive choice for those looking to generate income from their property.

Accommodate Elderly Family Members or Friends

The benefits of an ADU for elderly family members or friends are numerous. A separate living space allows complete control and privacy when needed.

It also offers convenience and comfort as they remain close to their loved ones. Moreover, it can provide a safe and secure living space when health issues arise.

Furthermore, providing elderlies and friends with a housekeeping-free environment allows for more quality time with family. Lastly, ADUs can be very cost-effective, as the housing costs are often lower than traditional residential care.

Reduces Waste and Resource Consumption

ADUs help keeps people in existing neighborhoods rather than building outward on newly-developed land. Doing so requires much less energy and resources to provide a living space for an individual or a family.

Additionally, its smaller size creates less waste in materials and resources. It can also be linked to public transportation systems, meaning occupants can opt for non-carbon forms.

Furthermore, it ensures that the occupants’ resource consumption is reduced. In short, an ADU is an excellent way for households to reduce their waste and resource consumption significantly.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property can add significant value to your home. Depending on the market, you could see up to a 20% increase, adding equity to your home.

Additionally, it is a great way to increase the value of a home without the expense of a complete remodel. Providing additional living space increases property values by creating multiple living units on a single lot.

Ultimately, the benefits of an ADU are straightforward, providing more living space and increasing the value of your home through additional rental income or increased property value.

Find the Best ADU Custom Builder

ADU Custom Builder

Finding the best ADU custom builder is paramount, as the quality of their work will affect the long-term performance of an ADU. An experienced adu contractor should have a proven track record of successful projects and an impeccable reputation in the industry.

Researching potential builders and asking questions about their services and experience is essential. Ultimately, having the right people can make all the difference in the success of an ADU project.

Make Use of the Benefits of ADU

ADU provides many benefits for homeowners. Some advantages are financial freedom, extra space for family and friends, and energy efficiency.

Consider talking to a contractor today to make the most of an ADU’s myriad benefits. Take advantage of the advantages of an ADU.

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