Did you know YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world?

So, it’s only natural that marketers have been using YouTube as a massive advertising platform. The good news is that YouTube is also a powerful tool for SEO. Learning the basics of YouTube SEO can help boost your video’s visibility so it ranks higher in search results than competitors’ videos.

If you are wondering about the basics of YouTube SEO, this short and simple guide is for you.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Choose High-Low Keywords

To rank high in search engines like Google, your SEO strategy should be to choose your keywords wisely and make sure they apply to your video. For example, if your video is about how to cook a steak, don’t just use “steak” as your keyword because that’s too general. Instead, try something more specific like “how to grill ribeye steak.”

Write a Descriptive Title

Make sure your title is relevant, accurate, and concise. You can include keywords for YouTube in the title, but make sure they’re natural and not spammy.

That means you won’t want to use something like “The best way to grow tomatoes” or “How to grow tomatoes in your backyard.” Instead, try something like “Growing Tomatoes in Your Backyard” or “Tomato Plant Care.”

Include a Relevant Video Description

Include a description of the video that is relevant, accurate, and useful for viewers. Add some keywords that describe your video so it will be easier for people to find it when searching YouTube or Google. You’ll want a description that provides enough information so people can decide if they want to watch your video before clicking through.

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Basics of Youtube SEO

Use Annotations Effectively

Annotations are clickable script overlays that appear on-screen when viewers hover over them with their cursors or tap them on mobile devices. The most common use for annotations is for call-to-action buttons like subscribing, liking, and sharing a video. However, they can also be used for things like adding links to related content or social media accounts.

Use a Custom Thumbnail Image

For YouTube video optimization, a custom thumbnail image will make it easier for viewers to find your videos in search results. Try using one relevant image per video instead of using the same image all the time. Otherwise, you’ll lose some branding consistency.

Use Tags Consistently

People searching for videos on YouTube or Google use tags, so use them consistently across all of your videos so that people can find them easily when searching for related topics or keywords. Be sure to add tags that are specific enough so that only relevant videos show up when someone searches for those terms, but general enough so that anyone can find them.

How to make a youtube video

YouTube SEO: Grow Your Channel With These Strategies

YouTube SEO is a lot different from what you’re probably used to.

It’s not as straightforward, and it certainly doesn’t follow the same rules. But there are some general concepts that you can keep in mind and apply that will help your videos rank better in search results, so be sure to try them out.

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