With widespread popularity due in part to the Olympic Games, children as young as two-years-old are practicing gymnastics.

For many, gymnastics is an excellent sport for improving balance, endurance, and strength. We typically think of large gymnasiums that house the necessary equipment to practice, but access to these don’t limit our ability to participate.

While gymnastics does make use of many different types of equipment, it’s very well possible to keep up from the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to learn more about the five most essential pieces of home gymnastics equipment.

Balance Beams

The most basic and modest gymnastics exercises can be done on balance beams. These are available for home use and should be placed in an area with ample room to spread out. Many are portable and can even fold up when not in use.

Most standard gymnastics beams are approximately 16 feet (or five meters), but these are available in smaller sizes depending on your space needs. Determine how high of a beam to use based on your skill level.


There are two methods for using gymnastics bars at home. Portable bars are great for finding space on the floor, while you could also opt for installing a bar on either a wall or doorway.

Whether you’re relying on the floor or your home’s infrastructure, ensure the bar is stable and can support your weight capacity. Bars should indicate whether they’re made for children or adult use.

Trapeze Rings

This iconic piece of gymnastics equipment can easily be replicated in your home with the right approach. Trapeze rings are perfect for playground sets and can be installed like a swing.

Alternatively, you could use a tree if it has strong enough branches. Using trapeze rings indoors is possible with ceiling installation, but requires a large amount of space and stabilization.


Many households may already have one of these in their backyard. Trampolines are a great form of gymnastics equipment for home use and is a perfect introduction to tumbling.

You don’t need a large, netted trampoline to practice gymnastics, either. Small ones suffice well in practicing jumps and landings. These take up minimal room and are cost-effective compared to other equipment.

Protective Mats

Whichever type of gymnastics equipment you purchase for home use, protective floor mats should always be included. Having a soft area to land or tumble on significantly reduces the risk of injury.

The right Air Track floor mats for gymnastics are highly effective and provide a safe practice environment. This allows the possibility of improving your skills from the convenience of your living room or garage.

Home Gymnastics Equipment Safety

Whether you practice at home or at a gymnasium, there’s always a risk of injury and woman are at a greater risk than men. Furthermore, using equipment at home can impose a greater liability than doing so in a professionally certified setting.

Always read the full instructions when installing home gymnastics equipment, and don’t substitute any parts or safety features if your house’s capabilities are limited to home gym essentials.

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