In 2017, people bought around 17.6 million cars. Around 6.5 percent of people entering a new lease do not test drive their car before buying. Do you enjoy the test drive, but wonder how to test drive?

Looking to shop around for a new car? While test driving a new car can be exciting, there are a few important rules to keep in mind! Here’s how to test drive.


Your Homework and Research

uninsured driver driving an insured car

Before you even set foot in the dealership, you should know exactly what you want to drive and which options you want. Make sure you look online and do your research. Check out reviews and look for online buyer’s guides.

You should also bring a friend with you to help ask questions. This person may think of things or point out things that you didn’t consider. 

You should also drive your top choices on the same day back-to-back. This way you can make a proper comparison.

You can even ask the dealership if you can take the car home overnight. This way you can see if the car fits in your garage properly. You can also drive it as night to check out the interior’s illumination and how comfortable you are driving at night.

Ask Lots of Questions

As you do your homework and research, write down your questions. You want to know as many details about your prospective car as possible. 

You should also include questions about the warranty, service, and other details about the features. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. This is a big decision, so you should be completely comfortable with your purchase.

Make an Appointment 

You should make an appointment to make sure the car you want is available. The car salesman can also have the car ready for you for the test drive. You don’t want to show up and find out your dream car is already sold.

Get Comfortable Inside Before Driving

Before you take off, make sure you check out all the features. Do you feel the electronics are easy to use? Do you feel comfortable reaching the lights, gear shift, cruise control, etc.?

Make sure you check out the climate control to see if the air pumps out to your liking. Are the seats comfortable? Do you have enough space to put all your things while you are driving?

You should also make sure you have enough cargo space. If you have children, do you have enough space to fit car seats or boosters comfortably?

You need to know where everything is located in the car before you go out on the road.

Drive How You Want

You want to make sure the car meets your driving requirements, so you should drive it on the road conditions you want to test. For example, ask the salesperson for stop-start areas, bumpy roads, steep hills, or sharp curves.

Some dealerships do have predetermined routes, but it never hurts to ask. You want to check out the car’s braking, steering, acceleration, and suspension, so make sure you are able to experience all these on the route. Be sure to take note of road noise as you drive.

You should also examine how easily the car parks after your drive. Can you turn the car easily to whip into a parking spot? 


Compensation for Damages That Occur From Drivers Running Red Lights

Disobey Traffic Laws

Even though you are testing driving, you do have to follow the traffic laws. You can still see how the car handles. If you want to check the acceleration, you can—just don’t be a speed racer for the entire test drive.

If you really want to drive a car and test the speed, try the Lamborghini driving experience. You can drive much faster than you should test drive a car from a local dealership.

Just Drive One Car

Test driving a few other cars helps you compare options and make the best decision for you. It will help you determine which car suits you and your needs best. You should keep your options open because you may be surprised.

Rush the Test Driving

You want to know the car well, so take your time getting to know the vehicle. How well can you see out of the car? Do you feel comfortable switching lanes?

Take your time on the test driving. You don’t want to find odd quirks after you buy the vehicle.

Go Alone

If you are buying a car for the family, you need to bring your family. First, you want to make sure everyone is comfortable in the car. You also want to see what they think of the car’s features and performance.

People in the backseat or passenger seat will give you another perspective. They may spot something you overlooked.

Decide When Pressured

If you are not ready to buy, then don’t. You should not feel pressured with time-sensitive offers. This is your money, and you have to pay for the car.

You may want some time to reflect on your drive and think about it. You may want to drive your old car again, so you can really compare the vehicle and see how you feel about the vehicle. A sales consultant will wait until you are ready.

Ready for Your Test Driving?

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As you get ready to buy a new car, getting ready for your test drive is important. You want to do your research ahead of time to know exactly which cars you want to drive. Make notes of the interior of the car and how well it accommodates your needs including cargo space, technology needs, and space for passengers.

You should never go test driving alone, and don’t feel pressured to buy until you are ready. You are there to check out the features of your car including how it handles, accelerates, brakes, and how comfortable it is.

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