Terry Maxwell started to see success almost immediately after stepping into the business world. Although he faced some set-backs after starting his entrepreneurial career in grad school, he only bounced back harder. Investing in Bitcoin at an early stage, Terry was able to grow considerably financially and push his businesses even further.

After moving to Florida to continue his career, Terry ended up befriending Twitter star Lil Esco 28. After a cameo in one of the young creator’s videos, Terry was able to go viral, with this video spreading like wildfire. Terry can be seen at the end of the clip, waving to the camera and uttering what would become his new catchphrase: “Hey, how’s it going?”.

Seeing a golden social media marketing opportunity, Terry branded himself as a public figure using the wave and catchphrase. The 7.5+ million views that Lil Esco’s video received trickled down to Terry, offering a 200,000+ increase of Instagram followers. With this momentum behind him, Terry began launching more business ventures, using his following to bring customers to the table.

Terry would go on to build M Six Labs and Nobel CBD, a CBD processing company and CBD white labeling and brand development company, respectively. Terry also operates his family finance business Web Finance Direct and an online smoke accessory shop Glass Nation. Terry’s success only seems to be growing as of late, and it doesn’t seem like it will slow down in the near future. You can catch a glimpse of Terry waving to his followers all over his Instagram.

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