Being in a wheelchair is anything but a drag. Once you get acquainted with how a wheelchair works and everything it can do for you, it becomes much more enjoyable than most people might think.

Not to mention, there are plenty of additional perks that you can get as a wheelchair user when you’re out and about. Plus, there are many accessories for wheelchair users out there that can make your experience in the chair a total breeze.

Here are ten accessories you need to consider adding to your wheelchair.

1. Custom Cushion Covers

Having a custom cushion cover on your wheelchair is like picking out a new set of sheets for your bed. It’s your chance to put a personal touch on something that you use every single day, and to make it more comfortable, too.

Cushion covers come in a wide range of styles and they vary in types of fabric as well. Some are made to offer even more cushion than a standard wheelchair seat does, while others are more for show. All of them do a great job of expressing your personality.

2. Wheelchair Pals

As nice as it is for your bottom and back to be supported by a wheelchair, you also need to think about the comfort of your arms and legs. Wheelchair Pals are a wonderful tool to ease any stress on your arms.

These slip-on cushions cover the sides of the wheelchair so that you have a soft material to rest your arms on. From an aesthetic point of view, they offer an adorable touch to your wheelchair because they’re made to look like little animals!

3. Light-Up Casters

Another fun aesthetic addition to your wheelchair could be the use of light-up casters. There’s no sense in sticking with old, boring casters if you can a have fun design that makes a statement everywhere you go. These are great for young children who are in a wheelchair and for elderly people, too.

4. Spoke Lights

Instead of light-up casters, consider getting spoke lights to put on your wheels!

These make a much bolder statement. They’re bigger, brighter lights that spin with your wheels and are made to turn heads. They’re ideal if you have a bright and bubbly personality that you want to express.

5. Spoke Reflectors

As fun as some wheelchair accessories are, sometimes you have to think about which additions make the most sense for your needs. If you need something a little more practical, consider getting spoke reflectors.

Reflectors help people see your wheelchair when you’re taking your dog out in the early morning or late evening. They make cars and pedestrians aware of your presence and help people adjust accordingly. Most cars will slow down as they pass you, and people will have more time to get out of your way if need be, too.

6. Wheelchair Bags

Up next on the list is wheelchair bags. With these specially-made bags, you don’t have to bother hooking your backpack or purse to the back of your wheelchair anymore. Instead, you can store all of your must-have items in a way that’s more secure and better organized.

Wheelchair bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made to go behind your wheelchair, while others sit on one of your armrests for easier access.

7. Tow-Mo Wagons

Tow-Mo Wagons are an absolute must if you’re a wheelchair user who likes to own their independence. With this wagon, you can transport a lot of things with a lot less effort. Tow-Mo Wagons are ideal for grocery runs and for doing things around the house, too.

They’re suitable for use on flat surfaces like sidewalks and wood/tile flooring, but they can do well on ramps and in elevators so long as the openings are wide enough. If you need a bigger ramp or you think it’s time to finally install one in your home, this website can help.

8. Table Clamp Mounts

This is one of the more surprising items on the list: table clamp mounts are technically more of a tech accessory than a wheelchair accessory. They’re made to attach to a variety of surfaces/objects, one of them being a wheelchair.

But, when you adjust a table clamp mount to a wheelchair, it becomes a lot easier to use your phone or tablet. You don’t have to worry about searching for it anymore when someone calls and you can use your tablet for a much longer period of time with complete comfort.

9. Wheelchair Slippers

Are you someone who likes to be outside as much as possible? Do you frequently go back and forth between indoors and outdoors?

If so, you need wheelchair slippers for your chair. These slide on when you go inside so that you don’t bring anything from the great outdoors into your home. They help keep your floors and furniture clean by better handling dirt that you may drag in.

The final type of wheelchair accessory worth getting is anything weather-related!

There are a few items specifically made to help wheelchair users like you better manage weather conditions like rain and snow. Some hold an umbrella over your head/torso as you wheel yourself around, while others keep your feet and legs warm and dry in the event of harsh wind and/or rain.

Depending on where you live, you might also want to look into getting stronger wheels and brakes to handle surfaces that are snowy or wet.

Great Accessories for Wheelchair Users and Everyone Else

There’s no better feeling than discovering all the benefits of wheelchair accessories. While you may not need every single item on this list, the ones that you do invest in are sure to make a huge impact on your life. They provide more comfort, ease of use, and a bigger sense of confidence and independence overall.

To feel even better in your wheelchair, though, consider dressing yourself up a bit. Defining your personal style and finding new accessories for yourself has a similar effect that investing in accessories for wheelchair purposes does – it makes you more comfortable in your own skin and helps you better present yourself to the world.

For fashionable accessorizing tips to help you define your unique style, click here.

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