Dental hygienists are some of the most employable people in the country. They have less than a 1% unemployment rate, and they will be in demand as long as people have teeth.

As great as this is for people who are dental hygienists, it presents a problem for dentist offices. Dentist offices rely on hygienists to clean teeth, apply sealant, and make and read X-rays.

When dental hygienists is out, it can make everything go much slower. People’s appointments will get pushed back or canceled. Dentists become tired and overworked when this happens, and patients become frustrated and stressed.

Temporary Agencies Offer Opportunities to Dental Hygienists

Opportunities to Dental Hygienists

A dental temp agency in Tampa has a significant advantage because the dental industry relies on hygienists. Many dental hygienists will choose to freelance because of the freedom that it offers. They can set their own hours and work any day that they want. They never have to worry about a lack of jobs, so they often have the upper hand. They can even travel the state if they work temporarily in multiple offices.

Dentist offices have come to rely heavily on dental temp agencies to find workers and hygienists rely heavily on these agencies to enable them to work when they want. Dental temporary agencies make a great deal of money, but the employees are often under a good amount of stress.

What Recruiters Do

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Employment recruiters are the people in a temporary agency who find dental professionals to work in offices for the day. Each recruiter must fill multiple positions on a daily basis. They will have to call temporaries to see if they are available and keep contacting the dentist’s office to let them know the status of their order.

In addition to placing temporaries in offices for the day, employment recruiters are constantly on the lookout for new talent. They will place classified ads on job boards and websites looking for new dental hygienists and conduct multiple interviews with each hygienist.

Before they can place these hygienists anywhere, they will need to do a background check. They also have to check references and verify licenses. They may have to give people drug tests and skills tests as well. This research can be very time-consuming.

Saddled with the responsibility of keeping their records up to date, recruiters must make sure they have the latest contact information for all of their employees. Given everything else they have to do, this responsibility often falls by the wayside. Unfortunately, if they do not have updated phone numbers for their dental professionals, they will end up with dead numbers in their files.

Although dental offices rely heavily on dental temp agencies, these agencies are not always successful. Dental offices left in the lurch due to a short staff often lose patients. They may receive bad consumer reviews and even end up losing employees because of the stress short staffing causes.

Alternatives to Dental Temporary Agencies

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The internet has brought forth several alternatives to traditional temporary agencies. If you are a dental recruiter, you can always look on job boards like Craigslist or those that are geared specifically toward the dental industry. You can also use an app to get dental temporaries to your office in about the same time it would take to get an Uber there.

Modern technology has enabled people to order ridesharing services to take them anywhere they go, home-sharing services to shelter them anywhere they travel, and food delivery services to bring them anything they want. The same technology can get a dental professional to your door.

When a dental office wants to look for temporaries, they can use a dental temporary app. They will simply create a profile in about five minutes. The profile should contain the name of the practice, the address, the hours, and the name and phone number of a contact person.

When the office’s information is verified, they can begin posting jobs. When they post an opportunity, local dental professionals will get a notification on their phones.

Dental professionals who want to use the app will create a detailed profile, including their contact information, their job history, and their licensure information. Once their profile is verified, they can start looking for jobs.

When a temp wants to work, they will set themselves to an available status on the app, and they will start getting offers for jobs that match their skill set. If they accept one, the dentist’s office will be notified. The office will look over the person’s qualifications and accept them or deny them.  The dentist can prioritize applicants for a job by their number of years of experience and their training.

Once a dental professional is accepted, they will head over to the office to begin work. The dentist will approve their hours and pay them at the end of their shift. The apps will charge a percentage of the amount you paid the temporary. Both parties will get a chance to rate each other at the end of the job. The dental industry is one of the few industries where employee reviews can have an impact on an office. If dental hygienists think your office is a great place to work, you will never be short-staffed.

The apps are not limited to temporary employees. Some dental professionals use the app for full-time work. If an office is looking for someone permanent, a dental app is a great way to screen potential employees. Instead of having them in for a job interview, why not have them come in as a temporary for a few days? There is no better way to tell if someone is a good worker than to watch them work.


Running a dental office is a challenging job. Dental temporary agencies have provided a way for dental offices to get help in a hurry. Dental employment apps are fast replacing dental temporary agencies. They are a more efficient way of finding dental help.

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