Recycling an old television might not be as hard as you think. No, you can’t leave it on the side of the road and many trash pickups won’t accept old TVs, but there are a few ways to recycle old TVs.

Television recycling can seem difficult for someone who doesn’t know the right places to take old TVs to. With technology always on the rise, there’s always something new on the market and many people won’t want to purchase an older tv from you. This is especially true if you have an old tube tv.

To learn how to recycle old televisions with ease, continue reading below.

Here’s our list of places where you can bring that old tv today

Sell or Donate It

If the TV you want to get rid of is fairly modern and in working condition, then you can consider selling it to someone. Place it for sale on local online marketplaces for people in your area to see.

If no one wants to purchase it, or if you have an old tube tv, then you can consider donating it instead. There are many places that would be happy to take it off your hands such as non-profits, homeless shelters, schools, or even thrift stores.

You can also list the tv on selling sites for free. You’d be surprised by how many people might be interested in grabbing it from you. Some people love to collect antiques and older electronics for their own reasons.

Take It to a Recycling Facility

There are plenty of alternatives to television dumping, and handing it over to a recycling facility is one of them!

There are electronic recycling facilities that will take old electronics. Do a quick internet search for one in your area. If it’s a bit of a drive from you, then be sure to give them a call before you head out and ask if they’ll take your old tv.

They should accept it but if not, you can ask them if they know of another location that will. These facilities will then recycle your old tv in the safest way possible, leaving the least amount of emission on the environment.

Bring It to the Manufacturer

Not all television manufacturers will accept their old TVs back, but some will. Look at the back of your old television and find out who the manufacturer is. Give them a call and inquire about bringing the tv to them.

Some manufacturers will allow you to bring the tv to them so they can recycle it properly.

Know the Ins and Outs of Television Recycling

Television recycling might seem difficult when you have an older tube tv or television that doesn’t work. The best thing to do is prepare to either donate it or give it back to the manufacturer for free.

Use the tips listed in this guide to find the option that works best for you and your old tv.

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