Is your child starting to brush their own teeth? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Parenting isn’t always easy, and neither is convincing a child to brush their teeth but with these teeth brushing tips, they’ll be doing it in no time. There are a few things you can do to make the experience a little better for both of you. Hint: a fun toothbrush makes a world of difference!

Keep reading to learn the top 5 teeth brushing tips for children.

1. The Right Form

Floss and Brush Daily

After you stop brushing your kid’s teeth when they turn 8 years old, they’ll have to learn the right form.

They should start by putting a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush. Then, have them hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle (or close to it). Finally, tell them to brush their teeth gently in circular motions for at least 2 minutes.

And don’t forget to have them brush their tongue to get rid of that smelly bacteria!

2. Lead By Example

Plaque Removal

Kids like to copy others, so you should try and brush your teeth alongside them. This will make the experience more fun and allow them to follow your movements and these teeth brushing tips maybe work.

And if you’re up for it, have your child brush your teeth. It may be messy, but it will encourage them to practice their technique.

3. Make It Fun

To make the experience more enjoyable, let your child pick out their toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste flavor. And when they finally start brushing, set your 2-minute timer and sing a song together until the time is up.

You could even suggest they practice by brushing the “teeth” of their stuffed animals or dolls.

4. Introduce Rewards

If all else fails, give your child a reward for brushing their teeth.

Let them watch TV or play a video game for an extra 10 minutes after they’re done brushing. Or if you don’t want to involve technology, set up a sticker chart and give them a sticker after every brush.

And make sure to only give the reward if they brush their teeth correctly, otherwise, you’ll be reinforcing poor technique.

5. Visit the Dentist

going to the dentist

Visiting a kid’s dentist early on helps your child learn the importance of oral health. And if they’re resisting your help, the dentist can be another adult figure encouraging them to brush their teeth properly. Some dentists provide convenient virtual consultation services such as Smiles on nashville in Nashville.

The dentist will also make sure that all the teeth brushing tips is actually working. But if your child’s baby teeth do have some decay, the doctor may suggest some crowns for kids teeth. Although it may seem unnecessary, it can really help stabilize a tooth and stop it from breaking down.

Did You Enjoy Those Children’s Teeth Brushing Tips?

Getting your child to brush their teeth isn’t always easy, but with these teeth brushing tips, they’ll be doing it in no time. So whether you sing a song while brushing or make a sticker chart, they’ll start to look forward to it every day. And don’t forget to have them floss!

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