3D scanners are a massive asset to the rest of the 3D development industry.

They can scan objects that can be rendered into 3D models and printed with 3D printers. The scanner captures the three dimensions of an object and then saves it to a computer. This, in turn, can be turned into copies from a 3D printer.

If you are on the lookout for a 3d scanner, sometimes finding the best ones can be tough.

Are you trying to learn more about the best 3D scanners to buy? If yes, keep reading to check out our list and review some great options. Price can be a variable, as there are low, mid, and high range options.

Let’s start with the best high priced 3D scanners. These 3D scanners are best for professional use in an office, studio, or another work-related setting.

Check out the Best 3D Scanners

Creaform Go! SCAN SPARK

The Go!SCAN SPARK is one of the most powerful handheld 3D scanners on the market.

With a base price of $39,900, it is definitely on the extreme high-end side of the 3D scanner world. However, if you want the best of the best, the Go!SCAN SPARK may be what is best for you.

As aforementioned, it is a handheld scanner.

This is handy for projects that are on the go or need more flexibility. With this scanner, you do not have to keep it in one place. It goes with you.

The Go!SCAN SPARK is also great for CAD development and projects. So, if you are working with more architecturally demanding projects, this scanner may be the answer to your needs.

Though the price is hefty, the Go!SCAN SPARK offers optimal visualization. This means that you can see a live mesh of the project you are scanning and working on. This allows you to be more accurate in your scanning and know precisely what you are doing at all times.

Polyga HDI Compact C504

This 3D scanner is an absolute beast.

With a price clocking in at around $19,990, this 3D scanner is for sure justified in its worth. The Polyga HDI Compact C504 is excellent for dealing with and analyzing smaller objects.

For example, with this 3D scanner, you can scan objects 1cm in height without sacrificing any details or precision.

This scanner is primarily used for scanning smaller figures but can have some use cases for larger objects. Another benefit of the HDI Compact C504 is that you can plug it and start working. This eliminates the hassle of having to set a 3D scanner down in a particular section of your workspace.

With all of this, the Polyga HDI Compact C504 is best for small object scanning, professional standard quality, and more flexibility in use cases.

The HDI Compact C504 also comes preinstalled with FlexScan software.

Now that we have dived into the high-end side of things, let’s look at some mid-range options. These 3D scanners are best for small business use, personal use, or a mix of the two:

EinScan Pro 2X Plus

The EinScan Pro 2X Plus is a great, well-rounded 3D scanner.

It is a lightweight, handheld scanner that is optimal for projects that include various 3D models. With a price of $6,899, this scanner is lightweight and versatile enough to be used in professional and even personal settings.

Additionally, the EinScan Pro 2X Plus comes with ExScan Pro Software, which provides speed and accuracy for your projects. You also have the option to buy various add-ons that can adapt this scanner into a more specialized one.

For example, you can add on a full-color pack, industrial pack, or even an HD prime pack. This allows for more flexible use cases.

Scan In a Box – FX

Though this 3D scanner is not portable, it is still a powerhouse with a mid-range price. Clocking in at $5,500, this scanner is definitely one of the more affordable-mid range models.

Despite the price range, you still get decent specs. This scanner is optimized for desktop use and comes with USB 3.0 connections. Additionally, this scanner comes with an HD 450 Lumens Projector, which allows for better brightness and superb color accuracy.

If you want a scanner that is adaptable and good for in-office or household use, Scan In a Box – FX is a superb option for you.

Now, it may be surprising, but there are 3D scanners that cost below 1,000. These scanners are best used for personal use or for those looking to get into the 3D scanning world. In some cases, you may get by with these for office use as well.

Matter and Form – Scanner V2

The Scanner V2 has a base price of $749, which is an extreme value for what it can do. With this scanner, you are able to process a full 3D scan in about a minute. Additionally, when the scanner is not in use, you are able to fold it for easy storage.

This scanner also comes pre-installed with Matter and Form’s MFStudio and +Quickscan software that allows for quick, precise 3D scanning.

Even though its price is lower, the Scanner V2 still holds its own and makes various “Best 3D Scanner” lists in the same caliber as ones five times its price.

XYZprinting Full Color Handheld 3D Scanner 1.0 Pro

The XYZpriting Full Color Handheld 3D Scanner 1.0 Pro comes in at a price of $239. Yes, that is an extremely affordable price for a fully handheld 3D scanner. This 3D scanner is incredibly lightweight and its portability makes it great for on the go projects.

Additionally, if you are new to the world of 3D scanning, this may be a great option to get your feet wet without sacrificing thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that because of its size, you may need a steadier hand to get the best output.

Best 3D Scanners

These are the best 3D scanners in their respective classes.

This illustrates that there is truly a 3D scanner for everyone, and you do not have to be an expert to get a 3D scanner and reap all of the benefits.

Now that you have the knowledge of the best 3D scanners, it is time to get scanning. No matter your use case, you can find a 3D scanner that will be best for your professional or personal needs. Or, if you are just curious about the world of 3D scanning.

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