Companies must let go of the idea that team building activities are purely educational. During this time, employees must be given a chance to enjoy the company of one another. With team building, your people should know each other – how they think, work, solve problems, and have fun.

Some company owners or executives find it hard to come up with lists of activities that they can do during a teambuilding Berlin activity. They are more focused on educating the group or teaching them new techniques and processes. They are blinded with the idea that the event must be taken seriously, and there is no room for some actions and fun.

Fortunately, we have gathered some games that can be done during team building events. Some of these games are not so common, but your team can never go wrong with trying them.

Let’s dive in the details

1. Game of Possibilities

This game will only require 5 to 6 minutes to do, so it’s a good ice breaker in between training sessions. The organizer should prepare several objects which must be given individually to members of each group. A representative will face his group and demonstrate how to use the item, while the rest of the team members will guess the object being shown by their groupmate. The demonstrator will never be allowed to speak, and everyone is encouraged to demonstrate in original, and possibly, wacky ways.

Objective: This game inspires creativity as well as individual innovation.

2. Winner/Loser

Winner/Loser is another 5-minute game that will require two or more players or participants. During this activity, Partner A will share one of his negative experiences in life with Partner B. Whether it is about family, relationship, or work-related memory. But the most crucial part is the honesty of the story.

Afterward, Partner A will discuss the same experience again while focusing on the positive aspects of the memory. Partner B will also help in exploring the silver lining of the negative mind. As soon as Partner A is done, they will switch roles.

Objective: Both/All participants will learn how to reframe negative experiences into lessons together.

3. Purpose Mingle

If you are searching for team-building activities that will not take too much time, this is the right game for your team. Before the meeting officially starts, let your team members walk around the area and share what there are planning to contribute with the rest of the team members. To spark more interest, you can offer a prize to the employee who has talked and shared with the most number of people. Another award can also be given to the person who has successfully contributed to what they have shared.

Objective: This activity will bring a big help in improving meeting productivity. That will also encourage attendees to think about what they can contribute, instead of worrying about what they will get out of the meeting.

4. Scavenger Hunt

For those who are looking for a game that will require some physical activity and loads of fun, Scavenger Hunt is highly recommended. Keep in mind that this activity will take more than an hour, so be prepared with the possibilities that could happen during the day. Once the team has been divided into two or more groups, a list of tasks will be given to them, and they need to accomplish each task as a group. You can make up most of these tasks while considering the available resources in your location. These tasks must be completed within a specific deadline. The quickest team that completes the tasks wins the game!

Objective: This is a fun activity that can break office cliques since it can encourage your people to work together as a team, regardless of their departments or social circles.

5. Truth and Lies

This activity is a little similar to Truth or Dare, but there is a twist with the game. With Truth and Lies, everyone will form a circle while sitting and facing one another. Every participant will provide three facts and one lie bout themselves. Keep in mind that the lie must be realistic. When someone has shared his facts and lie, the other participants must guess or determine which among the four statements is a lie.

Objective: This is an excellent ice breaker game that can be played during team building. Truth and Lies are highly recommended for new teams. This game can help eliminate snap judgments of colleagues while giving introverts that chance to share some information about themselves.

These are some of the activities that can add spice during your team building event. Don’t forget to have fun with your staff while learning outside your workplace.

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